Jupiter's Legacy Ending Explained

It's the Golden Age of Television, and genre properties continue to rule Hollywood with an iron fist. Though Netflix has lost its access to Marvel properties, the streamer is still very much in tune with the world of comic books, having purchased Mark Millar's Millarworld line of comics a handful of years ago. The first project from the partnership is Jupiter's Legacy, an adaptation of the acclaimed comic from Millar and Frank Quitely. Fast forward nearly three years after the show was first ordered to series, and it has finally hit the streaming service, giving fans of superheroes another show to binge through and beg for more of.

The show is pretty faithful to the comics with a few twists throughout, including a shocking ending that leaves fans on the tips of their toes. Luckily for you, we're going to break it all down right here for you. As such, full spoilers up ahead for the final moments of Jupiter's Legacy Season One. Proceed with caution if you haven't finished the series.

Throughout the series, seeds are planted to set George Hutchence (Matt Lanter) up as the ultimate antagonist, even though he was the closest thing to family Sheldon Sampson (Josh Duhamel) had left. In fact, the show treats Hutchence, now a supervillain named Skyfox, as the big bad of the series.

That all changes in the show's closing moments when it's revealed Walter Sampson/Brainwave (Ben Daniels) orchestrated much of what we saw in the series. Skyfox had nothing to do with the return of Blackstar and rather, Walter feels his brother Sheldon isn't using his skillset to the best of his abilities. He thinks The Union should be more authoritative with their powers — just like the character's comic book counterpart — and is doing whatever he can to get his brother out of the way.

Because of Brainwave's ability to temporarily removed people from this reality and lock them in a mind prison of sorts, he was able to use that to his advantage and manipulate people into thinking Skyfox is working on destroying all of the heroes fans met throughout the show. Instead, it was really Brainwave that cloned Blackstar and set the events of the series into motion.

Walter's daughter Raikou (Anna Akanda), also a telepath, slowly begins to find this all out and calls her father out on it. An assassin by trade, Raikou tries blackmailing her father into giving her money, but it's too late. We find out Walter has already killed Raikou so that no one will be the wiser, and the show ends with Walter and Sheldon embracing thinking they have to prepare to fight Skyfox off once and for all.


Jupiter's Legacy is now streaming on Netflix.

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