Ken Jeong Talks Producing "Truly Special, Transcendent" I Can See Your Voice and Teases Upcoming Projects

Ken Jeong is known for an array of projects ranging from The Hangover to Community, but these days he's involved with some major reality competition shows. The comedic actor is a judge on The Masked Singer as well as the host of I Can See Your Voice, which he also produces. The show features a rotating panel of celebrities as they guess whether or not contestants have a good voice without actually hearing them sing. Recently, had the chance to chat with Jeong about his upcoming Super Bowl ad for Planters Mixed Nuts, and he spoke about producing I Can See Your Voice and teased more new projects. 

"An upcoming episode makes me cry just thinking about it. I Can See Your Voice is truly special, transcendent, and is feel-good television at its finest," Jeong shared. "I really love being a producer. It's truly fulfilling to contribute to the development of a project from the start. It is rare that genuine true events or moments happen on screen. They're happening all the time for I Can See Your Voice and we're technically a game show. We've created a hybrid that has genuine heart, drama, and comedy as well as a very strong format that we work within."

As for Jeong's other upcoming projects, there's a lot to look forward to from the star.

"I filmed a Netflix limited series created by and starring Mike Myers called The Pentaverate, also starring Keegan Michael-Key," Jeong revealed. "It is honestly one of my favorite projects I have ever done. Mike Myers is my comedy hero and words can't describe how much he means to me. I can't say much else, for 'The Pentaverate must never be exposed.'"

He added, "I'm developing a project at Amazon starring myself, produced by Daniel Dae Kim and written by Paul Bae that we're all very excited about. It's called Shoot The Moon, a dramedy about a Korean-American who has achieved the American Dream and suddenly finds it illusory when his marriage and career fall apart, propelling him on a quest to reevaluate and rebuild his life." 

We couldn't let Jeong go without asking about the future of Community, and what he thinks Ben Chang would be up to in 2022. The actor had the perfect response, saying, "I hope he finally gets to Chang The World." 

Keep an eye out for Jeong and Joel McHale's Super Bowl ad on February 13th.