Kevin Smith Praises Netflix's Bodies: "It's Fantastic"

The series, which debuted in October, is a timeline-bending murder mystery.

Bodies, Netflix's latest hit based on a comic book property, is at the top of filmmaker and geek icon Kevin Smith's recommended watch list right now. The filmmaker called the series "fantastic" during an episode of Fat Man Beyond last week, praising the show as addictive and well-made. It's a series that has received a warm reception so far, but it's also likely a one-off; when asked about the possibility for more, writer Paul Tomalin said that there were no plans, and that they specifically wanted to leave audiences with a satisfying ending, rather than teeing up a second season that might never happen.

Of course, it's rare to see Netflix leave money on the table, and closed-ended stories have a way of reopening when there's an enormous demand. Just ask Amazon how they handled Good Omens, after all. Still, if the show as it exists is all we get, Smith ways that he's pretty happy with how it came out.

"Fantastic....Oh, my lord, so f--king watchable," Smith said. "When Netflix picks, sometimes they pick so insanely well. they jus tknow what we want to see, man. Squid Game, Tiger King or whatever, Stranger Things obviously, but this is definitely just one of those things where it's just designed that as soon as the first one's done, you want to pop the next one on. It's like Lay's potato chips as a show. Very well acted, cool idea."

You can see the full episode of Fat Man Beyond below. The Bodies talk pops up around 25 minutes in.

Here's the series' official synopsis, according to Netflix:

Based on the mind-bending graphic novel by Si Spencer, Bodies is a police procedural with a twist. When a body – the same body – is found on Longharvest Lane in London's East End in 1890, 1941, 2023 and 2053, one detective from each period must investigate. As connections are drawn across the decades, the detectives soon discover their investigations are linked, and an enigmatic political leader – Elias Mannix (Stephen Graham) – becomes increasingly central. Did he have a part to play in the murder? Or is something far more sinister at play? To solve the mystery, our four detectives must somehow collaborate and uncover a conspiracy spanning over 150 years.

Bodies is streaming on Netflix now.