First Look at Live Action 'Kim Possible' Revealed

Disney has unveiled a first look at the live action version of Kim Possible.

Disney gave fans a first look at Sadie Stanley as the heroine of the upcoming Kim Possible live action movie. You can check out Stanley in costume below:

live action kim possible

Kim Possible was a "normal" teenage girl who happened to double as a professional crime-fighter, while also juggling cheerleading practice, school, and complicated relationships. Fans of the animated Kim Possible should be pretty happy with the costume, which looks almost identical to the character's original look in the cartoon.

Kim Possible originally aired on the Disney Channel in 2002 and wrapped up in 2007. However, the character still has a dedicated fanbase and Disney announced that they would be bringing back the character in 2019 for a live-action movie on the Disney Channel.

Kim Possible was a surprise hit for the Disney Channel and was praised for its ability to crossover between different demographics. The show's lead was a strong female character in the vein of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and had a strong mix of male and female fans. While the show had plenty of humor for kids, adults also enjoyed its take on the superhero genre and its earnest attempt at portraying an average "complicated" teenager.


Fans have long wanted a Kim Possible reboot, although no one expected it to ever get the live-action treatment. The Disney Channel has a tendency of bringing back successful movies for sequels, so don't be surprised if more Kim Possible movies get made if this turns out to be a success.

In addition to Stanley, Sean Giambrone (the lead of The Goldbergs) will play Ron Stoppable, Alyson Hannigan from How I Met Your Mother will play Kim Possible's mother, and Todd Stashwick will play Dr. Drakken. Taylor Ortega and Issac Ryan Brown will also appear in the movie, which will air in 2019.