Kin's Charlie Cox Has Heartbreaking Reunion in New Clip (Exclusive)

The third episode of AMC+'s Kin will hit the streamer in a matter of hours, and we've got your first look at the upcoming episode. Featuring Charlie Cox's Michael Kinsella and Hannah Adeogun's Anna Areoye, both actors turn on the waterworks in a tense heartbreaking reunion between family members.

See the clip for yourself above.

While Cox's Kinsella has been painted as a dedicated member of the crime family in the past two episodes, Cox previously told us everything might not be as meets the eyes with his character.

"I don't want to give much away," Cox told us earlier this month. "But the only thing I would say is Michael and who he becomes, what he has done in the past, and how his involvement and how his expertise work with the family is not quite what I think you're seeing. I think that he ends up being someone who's very comfortable and good at being a silent influencer and orchestrator of things without the need to be 'a kingpin' type and figure."

In the same chat, the Daredevil alumnus expressed a desire to play around in this crime-ridden wrold for at least a couple more seasons should AMC+ allow it.

"If we were given two or three seasons, two or three eight hours, I think that would be the optimum," he added. "I feel like if we don't, I think the show works as one season. I haven't seen it, but from the reading of the scripts and from the execution, I feel like the first season is compelling enough and worth watching."

Cox concluded, "But I think that if we got to do another season at least on maybe two more, we could really round out that family and this period and really go deeper into some of those dynamics and relationships and things like that, that would be ideal. Any more than that, it would potentially start to feel like a soap opera."


New episodes of Kin are added to AMC+ every Thursday.

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