Law & Order: Organized Crime's Ainsley Seiger Talks Season 2 Changes, Jet's Evolution, Dream Crossover, and More

Law & Order: Organized Crime hit the ground running with this season, as when the season kicks off we learn that the team is hard at work on an undercover operation, and Eliot Stabler is right in the middle of all of it. As we learned in season 1 (and also through the first few episodes of season 2), Elliot would be lost without his tech expert and overall knowledge source Jet Slootmaekers, who is once again played by the talented Ainsley Seiger. had the chance to talk to Seiger all about season 2, the new mission, and what's in store for Jet as the season moves on.

First, we wanted to know what her favorite moment was behind the scenes and what her favorite moment for Jet was, and for the latter, it happened during the very first episode.

"Hmm, I think one of my favorite moments on-screen during season one was... Oh man, there's a lot for me, so now I'm trying to parse through the season in my mind. I think one of my favorite moments from the first season, honestly, was my scene in the pilot with Chris was so much fun to shoot. It was freezing in the room that we shot in. We actually shot it in a prison. So my studio is inside of a prison, and there was no heat and it was February and it was freezing cold. And of course, Chris has layers of muscle and he gets this thick suit, and I'm in essentially a tissue, and in between takes having to put on this huge coat," Seiger said.

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"But doing the scene itself was so fun, and I think that it was a really great introduction to Jet as a character. And I think, going hand in hand with that, my favorite behind the scenes moment probably was from that day, just getting to hang out with Chris all day for a couple hours and talk to him and learn about who he is as a person and not just this random guy who I've watched on my TV for a lot of my life," Seiger said.

She also got some key advice from Christopher Meloni during that sequence."And there was a moment where they were taking the coat off of me to get us ready to go into the scene, but we still had a couple of seconds before cameras started rolling, and I took the coat off and I must have said something kind of vaguely complain-y because Chris went, 'Hey, hey, hey, hey, don't let them take that coat off until you're ready.' And I was like, I'm in the big leagues now. I have the power, I have the say. And of course I went like, 'Okay, thank you.' But it was the first moment that we kind of had to bond together. And it was one of the best days of my life," Seiger said.

Jet continues to come out of her shell in season 2, and after a season under her belt, Seiger has noticed a bit of a change in how she approaches the character, especially when she gets to be in scenes with Danielle Mone Truitt's Sergeant Ayanna Bell.

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"Yeah. It's certainly changed. I noticed it, I think a few episodes ago," Seiger said. "Season two picks up three months after we leave off from season one and right off the gate, I have a couple of scenes with Bell that are a lot more familiar in nature than anything that we managed to get into during season one. And, of course in my mind, I'm like, it's three months afterwards, so we've spent more time together. We've probably had deeper, more intimate conversations. As intimate as it can probably get with Jet."

There are also some new additions to the cast, including Guillermo Diaz's Bill Brewster, and they bring out a different side of Jet throughout season 2.

"But something that's been really cool for me to explore in this season has been the growth in Jet's comfortability with specifically Stabler and Bell, and how those relationships have changed," Seiger said. "And now that we have Brewster and a couple of other newbies coming into the task force, she now is faced with, 'Okay, I was comfortable with these people and now there are new people and we don't seem to like them very much.' And something I've been coming up against a lot has been this very guard dog-esque, very protective feeling that I have started to get over Bell, of if you question her, you question me, and you question everything. I think Jet's loyalty is something that's been coming to the forefront a lot more this season."

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Speaking of those new additions, they bring some fresh energy to the show, but they also bring some friction and tension because of how they are introduced into the story.

"Yeah. The new characters... It's been so fun to play with, because the new characters are not simply new characters," Seiger said. "There's a lot of history, specifically in the relationship between Brewster, played by Guillermo Diaz, and Bell. There's tension there. And because of the tension of the two sergeants of these respective task forces who now have to come together, there's a sense of turf war, or like we each have our pride and we're all fighting to get what we want individually, rather than what we're supposed to be doing, which is working together as a team. But because there's this rivalry in the past, what we're getting is a lot of unwillingness to listen to one another or take one another seriously, and not much work can get done when there's so much infighting that's happening. So it's been an interesting conflict to see and to get to play out between these two rival gangs of task forces, try to come together and work for a common goal."

Because Stabler is undercover for parts of the season, it gives Truitt's Bell a bigger platform to shine on, and Seiger is excited for fans to see that in action.

"Yeah, yeah. I think it's been also equally exciting to watch since Stabler has been undercover for a little bit of this season. To get to see Danielle as Bell really shine on her own as the sergeant of this task force," Seiger said. "And what I love so much about season two so far is that it's clear she's the boss. Because Stabler is out of the house so much, she's the one who's running things. And it's really, really awesome to get to watch her work and figure that out."

Another welcome change is Jet's increased field time, which pops up early in season 2 and will hopefully be something that continues to be present throughout the season.

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"I hope so. I hope that it's something that happens more throughout the season. It's already something that we've delved into over the course of a couple of episodes, which were my favorite episodes to work on so far," Seiger said. "I feel like I learned a lot about Jet and a lot about her very personal way of going about fighting crime and solving crime and being a detective. And also learning the extent of her capabilities when it comes to technology and her skills as a hacker is something that we get to see in episodes three and four and I had the best time getting to leave the house and experiment with how Jet handles flying solo and how she handles meeting someone who is her match in a lot of ways."

Now, the Law & Order universe is pretty extensive and they are crossing over all the time, but if Law & Order: Organized Crime could cross over with any pop culture franchise, Seiger has a dream crossover in mind.

"Hmm. You know, I think I'm going to have to say, if I could cross over Organized Crime with any other show, and it just ended, but I'd have to say, probably Brooklyn Nine-Nine," Seiger said. "And entirely because, selfishly, I really want to see what would happen if you locked Jet and Rosa in a room together and just let things happen. I just want to know what that conversation would look like. Would they try to throw a chair at each other? Would Jet, after two hours you open the door, she's cowering in the corner? Vice versa? I don't know. I would love to see that."

Well, now we have to see how that plays out, so fingers crossed we get a one-off episode or some kind of movie that brings that team-up to life.

You can catch Seiger in action on Law & Order: Organized Crime, which airs on NBC Thursdays at 9 PM CST and is available on Peacock the next day to stream.

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