Law & Order: SVU Star Mariska Hargitay Teases Upcoming Benson and Stabler Crossover Plans

Law & Order: Organized Crime moving to Peacock won't crossovers with SVU!

Law & Order: Organized Crime is moving to Peacock for Season 5, but a network change won't keep the series from crossing over with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. According to SVU star Mariska Hargitay, she is already working on ways to reunite with Organized Crime star Christopher Meloni even though Organized Crime is moving.

"I'm actually planning on it," Hargitay told Variety about a crossover. "I just told him the other day. We had a party the other night, we saw each other It was heavenly. I met his showrunner. They want us together, and Chris and I were talking about it, and it's time. It's time now for us. This was a long time not being in each other's universe. That's why we did the calls and stuff like that. But we're excited to get back in there, get back in the ring."

Last week's season finale for SVU in particular made it very clear that the connection between Hargitay's Olivia Benson and Meloni's Elliot Stabler remains — and leaves the door open for future interaction. The episode ended with Benson giving the compass necklace that Stabler had given her to the mother of a victim and then, later, calling Stabler to let him know what she had done. The conversation between the pair showed that he not only understood but saw the pair back on track. Hargitay said that she's hopeful that Benson will get the necklace back in the future, and that the scene exemplified the strong relationship between Benson and Stabler.

"We'll see. I hope I do. But that's why we added the scene with Elliot and I on the phone," she said. "He gets it. If anyone understands how somebody could have needed it more than I do, he would. Because he lived it with me, I thought that was such an intimate scene and I wanted to get his blessing. That's why we wrote that scene."

She added, "It's very much our relationship. It's underneath. There's so much that words don't do. One of the things that Chris and I do that's so beautiful is when we read a scene, we're always like, 'Too much, we don't need that much.' Because so much of our communication is here [indicates eyes.]"

Why Is Law & Order: Organized Crime Moving to Peacock?

Earlier this month, it was announced that Organized Crime will officially move to Peacock for Season 5 and more recently, President of Program Planning Strategy at NBCUniversal Entertainment Jeff Bader explained why the Law & Order series was making the leap.

"Organized Crime is a very successful show; this isn't a show that was on the bubble," Bader said. "It's a show that works across the board, and it's very, very strong on streaming. [Moving Season 5 to Peacock] is a win-win for us — 80 percent of its viewing isn't in the time period where we schedule it, it's delayed on Peacock, so it just made sense to move that to free up the time period."

Law & Order: Organized Crime will return for Season 5 on Peacock. The flagship Law & Order series returns for Season 24 and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit returns for Season 26 on NBC.