LOST: Harold Perrineau Says His Stance on Series Ending Has Changed

Like some LOST fans, former LOST cast member Harold Perrineau was pretty vocal about how the show wrapped up. In a previous interview when the series concluded in 2008, Perrineau told EW that he was "disappointed... like the fans were disappointed," specifically with how he his character was treated in the end. Speaking with ComicBook.com in an interview for From season 2, which premieres on Sunday, April 23, on MGM+, we asked Perrineau if his feelings on the series and its ending had changed in the fifteen years since he expressed his displeasure with the show's ending. To perhaps the surprise of some LOST fans, the answer is that it has.

"Well, you know, back in the day, I was a little frustrated about it for the character, for Michael and for Walt," Perrineau  revealed. "But, the thing that I think about, the people who are writing it and I really do appreciate it. It's the same thing I appreciate about From is that you get on this really great ride and you get on this ride that you become emotionally attached to. So for six years, you know, you're just on this, this exciting thing is happening for you and however it ends, it doesn't change that you just had six years of this roller coaster ride. So my stance has changed in that, like the ending really doesn't matter, but that you got to go on this journey really does. I think it was a really smart way to consider the finale of Lost."

By that same token, Perrineau's series From has drawn comparisons to LOST by some viewers. Luckily for him, and the audience, the worry of not sticking the landing was there before the show even began. "We have had some discussions about it," Perrineau revealed. "Michael White who runs this department at MGM, he also was like, 'Before this show comes on to my network, I need to know that you guys know what you're doing.' And so he wants to know, I wanted to know and they made us all really, they feel confident that they know. And then that being said, I'm just gonna trust them, not ask where it's going and just be on the ride so that hopefully people will come to watch our show, they get on the ride too because they feel how the reality of me not knowing what the hell is going on."

He concluded, "And so, hopefully, like I said, John (Griffin, series creator of From) has a really great ending, but hopefully for however long we're on you are gonna be on this journey wit these people and that's the part that matters, I think."

From season 2 premieres Sunday, April 23, on MGM+,