Mark Ruffalo and Lili Reinhart Cast in New TV Series

Independent TV series Hal & Harper boasts quite an ensemble cast.

Marvel's Mark Ruffalo and Riverdale star Lili Reinhart are among the stars of a new independent television series. According to recent reports, Ruffalo and Reinhart will star alongside Cooper Raiff in Hal & Harper, an upcoming series also written and directed by Raiff. Additionally, it has been announced that Hal & Harper will also star Addison Timlin (Blackout) and Havana Rose Liu (No Exit). Hal & Harper is described as a comedic family drama that is a passion project for Raiff, whose most recent work is the indie film Cha Cha Real Smooth. According to Raiff's previous descripton of the series, Hal & Harper follows two siblings and a single dad who is making them grow up too fast — so fast that the 7- and 9-year-olds would be played by adult actors. Reinhart and Raiff are believed to be playing Harper and Hal, while Ruffalo is playing the dad, Timlin is playing Audrey, and Liu is playing Abby. 

Hal & Harper is one of the titles that has been given an interim agreement amid the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. While the union recently announced tighter restrictions to those interim agreements going forward, these rules will not apply to productions already granted clearance.

Is Riverdale Ending?

Reinhart has starred as Betty Cooper on Riverdale for all seven seasons, and will appear in the show's series finale later this month. In a recent interview, the actress and her co-stars reflected upon the unconventional cultural legacy that the show has had.

"I think it's important to acknowledge that our show is made fun of a lot. People see clips taken out of context. By 2019, Riverdale Cringe videos had become a genre online, be they TikTok reactions to particularly funny lines of dialogue or YouTube compilations of strange moments from the show," Reinhart explained to Vulture. "And are like, 'What? I thought this was about teenagers.' And we thought so as well—in season one. But it's really not been easy to feel that you're the butt of a joke. We all want to be actors; we're passionate about what we do. So, when the absurdity of our show became a talking point, it was difficult. It is 'What the f-ck?' That's the whole point. When we're doing our table reads and something ridiculous happens, Roberto is laughing because he understands the absurdity and the campiness."

Will Mark Ruffalo Return to the MCU?

Ruffalo has not reprised his role as Bruce Banner / Hulk since last year's She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Disney+ series. While his last cameo on the show seemed to tease an adaptation of the infamous World War Hulk comic storyline, Ruffalo hinted it might not immediately be in the cards.

"I don't know. It certainly does suggest that," Ruffalo told Variety. "There has been some conversations about what happened in the two years where Hulk abandoned Banner and the Avengers [on Sakaar], and the emergence of Smart Hulk, which hasn't ever fully been answered. I think maybe we've given four sentences to that time period since then. It's really an interesting, exciting part of the Hulk story and Banner story."

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