New Mayans MC Trailer Delivers Biggest Sons of Anarchy Cameo Yet

Through almost two seasons of Mayans MC, the Sons of Anarchy spinoff series has introduced quite a few ties to its predecessor. Happy, Chucky, Lincoln Potter, Marcus Alvarez, and others have all taken part in the spinoff, but it looks like the biggest connection to Sons of Anarchy will be arriving in the upcoming 8th episode. Following Tuesday night's airing of "Tohil," FX unveiled the trailer for "Kukulkan," and it included one of the most important and popular characters from Sons of Anarchy's entire seven season run.

At the end of the 30 second promo, Bishop tells the Mayans that they're going to be meeting with SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcyle Club Redwood Original), the top charter in the Sons of Anarchy organization. Just then, the president of the entire SOA club walks through the door. That's right, Chibs is back.

Played by Tommy Flanagan, Filip "Chibs" Telford was one of the pivotal characters in the original Sons of Anarchy series. He played a major role in the club when it was run by Clay Morrow, but his responsibilities spiked in a big way when Jax Teller took over in Season 5.

Not only is Chibs one of just two original Sons of Anarchy characters to survive the entire series and appear in every episode (Kim Coates' Tig being the other), but his appearance in Mayans MC makes the most sense given how his story ended in the series finale.

When Jax last saw the club, knowing that he was going to die later that day, he passed the presidency on to Chibs, who was the only logical choice at that point. He left his entire legacy and life's work to the man who had grown to become one of his closest friends and wisest mentors.


There was no doubt that, if the Sons had to get heavily involved in the story of Mayans MC, Chibs would need to at least be mentioned. He's in charge of the entire club, the same role Bishop now occupies for the Mayans.

Are you looking forward to seeing Chibs on Mayans MC next week? Let us know in the comments!