The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers Season 2 Trailer Sets Up Kenan Thompson Return

This fall, The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers finally returns to Disney+ for its second season, and the story of the new installment is taking the team on the road. The new season of Game Changers, which arrives at the end of September, will see Ducks attend an elite hockey camp, run by a former NHL legend (played by Josh Duhamel). In addition to changing the setting and story of the show for Season 2, this summer camp of sorts also provides a very easy in for one of the most popular Mighty Ducks of all time: Russ Tyler.

Played by Keenan Thompson, Russ Tyler joined the team in D2: The Mighty Ducks, helping the young American team knock out international competition at a global tournament. Fans have been hoping to see Thompson reprise his role on Game Changers, but he wasn't one of the many cameos featured in Season 1, due in large part to the pandemic. The story of Season 2, however, sets up Russ Tyler's comeback.

Unlike the Ducks in Game Changers and the original Ducks of old, Russ Tyler is from sunny California, developing his patented Knuckle Puck on asphalt rather than on the ice. The new trailer for Game Changers Season 2 confirms that he camp the Ducks attend is in California, putting them right in Russ' backyard. Given that he's a youth hockey legend, it would make sense for him to appear at a camp just down the road, especially is his old team is taking part.

Thompson has stated publicly that he wants to return to the Mighty Ducks franchise for an episode of Game Changers, confirming that he can still skate and is ready to lace 'em up whenever the show is ready. It sounds like the folks behind the show want Thompson back as well.

"I would love to do it if they can figure it out," Thompson told TVLine. "I told [Game Changers showrunner Steve Brill] I wanted to do Season 1, but they ended up having to do it without my participation [due to scheduling]. There's only one me. I can only be in one place at a time."

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