Mimic TV Series Moving Forward With Paul WS Anderson Directing

mimic movie 1997 guillermo del toro bug
(Photo: Miramax)

Back in 1997, filmmaker Guillermo del Toro made his American film debut with Mimic, with Resident Evil and Event Horizon director Paul WS Anderson set to develop a new TV series based on the franchise, according to Deadline. Del Toro isn't involved in the new series, despite co-writing the original film, which was based on a short story by Donald A. Wollheim of the same name. Anderson will serve as the executive producer of the series and is also set to direct the pilot. Jim Danger Gray (Orange Is the New Black) will serve as the new series' showrunner, though the series isn't yet attached to a network or streaming service.

The story focuses on a group of deadly insects who have evolved to be able to replicate their prey, developing to the deadly degree of becoming large enough to be able to mimic humans after witnessing them travel through the subway. The original film starred Mira Sorvino and earned two sequels.

"The world of insects has been a long term fascination of mine," Anderson shared. "So much strength and organization from such tiny creatures that have existed long before humankind, and will survive long after our demise. It's an exciting world that I'm thrilled to jump into, especially with such great partners as Jim and Miramax."

While the film marked del Toro's first American production, the filmmaker has regularly bemoaned the experience due to interference from the studio, which prevented him from returning for the sequels. A director's cut of the film was released in 2011.

"Mimic explores, on its surface, the idea of insects taking over," Gray shared. "Body horror, the anxiety of 'a bug' living inside of us, the death of truth, the denial of science and the rise of personal entitlement are at the heart of our show as it examines how society is eaten alive by an invasion that is laying bare its greatest insecurities and failures."

Head Of Worldwide Television at Miramax TV Marc Helwig added, "Paul is one of the leading filmmakers of his generation in the world of science fiction, and we are excited to bring a bold new take on this classic title to life in television that will make your skin crawl, scare the hell out of you, and speak loudly to these strange times we all find ourselves in. I couldn't think of a better writer to bring this world to life than Jim Danger Gray whose work I've admired for a long time."

Stay tuned for details on the Mimic TV series.


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