Ms. Marvel Adds Avengers: Endgame Advisor to Get the Science Right

Development on Disney+'s Ms. Marvel is well underway and to make sure the series is in tip-top shape, Marvel Studios has hired a physicist to make sure the science of the show lines up just right. In the case of the first live-action property to feature Kamala Khan, renowned physicist Clifford Johnson has been hired to advise the series on any questions the producers and writers may have with having correct scientific processes.

Johnson previously helped Marvel Studios on Avengers: Endgame and also has credits with Warner Brothers' upcoming The Flash solo movie. In a recent interview with IndieWire, the British theoretical physicist said that when he advises Hollywood on projects, he stresses correct scientific processes and methods over real-life accuracy. After all, tentpole blockbusters exist so that millions can separate themselves from reality for a few hours.

That means he helped Joe and Anthony Russo — plus the dozens of movers and shakers at Marvel Studios and Disney — come up with some potential time-traveling possibilities for the Avengers to use in Endgame.

"The idea was to give them a lot of knowledge about what time-travel scenarios they could play with, but then step back and let them choose as writers what they were going to do," Johnson said. "I saw a lot of what I gave them onscreen."

He added, "I was happy in a number of Marvel situations to say, 'Hey, don't have the main Marvel scientists, like Tony Stark, solve the whole problem.' It's always those guys who know any kind of science and solve all the problems. I would tell them to look for opportunities that you have in the real scientific world, where you go, 'This is my bit of science here and that other thing is not my expertise, so let's go to that expert.'"

It doesn't stop there. Johnson was also asked which superhero property he'd love to have a stab at. If the stars align just right, the physicist wants to help Marvel Studios out with Fantastic Four, when the property officially enters development at the House of Ideas.

"That is so my jam," he said. "Reed Richards was taking his team and they were going off into weird higher dimensions and stuff. That's stuff we're trying to understand now in real science, so I would love to have the opportunity to help them make that look great and to weave that into a story."


Ms. Marvel has yet to get a release from Disney+.