Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Cast Released

One of the latest NBC shows to be canceled has failed to clear its latest hurdle in trying to find a new home. According to one new trade report, the contracts pinning down the cast of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist have expired without renewal or extension from Lionsgate Television. That means anyone involved in the show is free to pursue other opportunities, including roles on other shows even should a new home for Playlist eventually be found.

Naturally, this isn't the ultimate nail in the coffin for the show, but the odds aren't favorable for fans still holding out hope to see more of Zoey and company. Despite the expired contracts, Deadline reports Lionsgate is still trying to find a home for the show in some shape, way, or form. The trade suggests the studio is willing the shop the show around in its current form, or shift formats and round the story out with a limited series or a movie.

Again, since the contracts have expired, Lionsgate would need to draft all new deals with those apart of the cast. Seeing the growing fanbase post-cancellation, this could theoretically pose a problem for Lionsgate as castmates and agents use the growth as a bargaining chip in any future negotiations.

NBC cancelled the series just days after the show's second season finale aired. Initially, NBC hoped to move the show from its network to Peacock and wrap it up with an eight-episode mini-series. After those talks faltered, NBCUniversal opted to cancel the show altogether.

"Just in terms of thinking how could Zoey and Max work long-term, for me, it was important for Max to have an understanding of what it's like for Zoey to experience heart songs," series showrunner Austin previously told TVLine. "And I also like the idea that Max could know what's going on in Zoey's head as well. And certainly, from a romantic comedy perspective, to be able to play stories where these two people are in a relationship, but they also know exactly what the other person is thinking about, felt like ripe ground for storylines."


Cover photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images