BoJack Horseman Creator Thinks "It's a Shame" Netflix Doesn't Give Shows Time to Build

The creator of BoJack Horseman thinks it's unfortunate that Netflix is so quick to give up on its original series. Raphael Bob-Waksberg created BoJack Horseman. The first half of the show's sixth season earned a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes after Netflix announced the show will be ending. Bob-Waksberg also executive produced the animated series Tuca & Bertie. The show debuted on Netflix earlier this year. and Netflix canceled it not long after its first season debuted. In discussing the short life of Tuca & Bertie with The Los Angeles Times, Bob-Waksberg lamented how Netflix seems to have lost its patience. He also reflected on how that wasn't always the case with how the streaming giant handled its new properties.

"When we started on BoJack, it was understood that the Netflix model was to give shows time to find an audience, and to build that audience, and I remember being told, 'We expect the biggest day BoJack Season 1 is going to have is when we launch BoJack Season 2. We didn't get a full two-season pickup, but that was the understanding, that these things take time to build. It was my understanding that that was, at the time, the Netflix model: to give shows time to build. I think it's a shame that they seem to have moved away from that model."

Bob-Waksberg confirmed in another interview that it was Netflix's decision to cancel BoJack Horseman. "Yeah, I thought we'd go a couple more years," he said. "But you know, it's a business. They've got to do what's right for them, and six years is a very healthy run for a TV show. Frankly, I'm amazed we got this far. So I can't complain. I think if we premiered on any other network, or even on Netflix on any other time than when we did, I don't know if we would've gotten the second season."

It was believed at first that Bob-Waksberg had decided to end BoJack Horseman. Comments from Aaron Paul, who voices Todd Chavez on the show, first clued fans into it being Netflix who pulled the plug on the series. "We had a wonderful time making Bojack," Paul tweeted after news of the cancelation broke. "Couldn't be more proud. Fell in love with these characters just like everyone else did but sadly Netflix thought it was time to close the curtains and so here we are. They gave us a home for 6 beautiful years. Nothing we could do about it."


How do you feel about BoJack Horseman ending? Do you think Netflix canceled Tuca & Bertie too soon? Let us know in the comments. The first half of BoJack Horseman's final season is now streaming on Netflix. The second half debuts on January 31, 2020.