Netflix's Disenchantment Season 2 Is Full of Futurama Easter Eggs

Matt Groening’s Disenchantment is back for its second season on Netflix. The series is Groening’s latest after Futurama. Where Futurama took Groening’s style into the future, Disenchantment takes place in a medieval fantasy world. The series follows Princess Tiabeanie, aka Bean and her friends on their comedic misadventures. After the death of her mother, Bean’s struggled to find her place in society and has become a thorn in her father’s side. The show’s second season is an improvement over its first, as we said in our review. It also has a handful of references to Groening’s beloved sci-fi comedy that Futurama fans are sure to appreciate. This article contains spoilers for the new season of Disenchantment.

Bean’s father, King Zog, is voiced by John DiMaggio, who voiced Bender in Futurama. DiMaggio spoke a riff on a classic Bender catchphrase early in Disenchantment’s second season. In the second episode of the new season, “Stairway to Hell,” angry Bozaks raid the petrified kingdom of Dreamland. They take Merkimer with them and start roasting the prince turned pig on a spit. Zog follows, hiding in the bushes and bemoaning how malnourished he’s become since Dagmar’s betrayal.

Then he catches the scent of bacon wafting from where Merkimer is being cooked. It inspires him to action. He leaps out of the bushes, shouting the battle cry, “Bite my shiny metal ax!” This will sound familiar to Futurama fans, as it’s a variant on the Bender line “Bite my shiny metal ass.”

DiMaggio gets to break out another Bender classic later in the season, in the episode “In Her Own Write.” He arrives at the Dreamland theatre to watch a play Bean wrote about their family. Ever impatient, he shouts the Bender line “Let’s go already!”

Bender isn’t the only Futurama character referenced. In this season’s ninth episode, “The Electric Princess,” Dreamland receives an unwelcome visitor, a citizen of Steamland piloting an airship shaped like a dragon. The pilot is put in the dungeon and Bean decides to help him. She goes to the wreckage of his ship to find a notebook he left behind. While searching, she opens a drawer full of different lengths of wire drawn similar to the one Professor Farnsworth kept in Futurama.

Disenchantment Futurama Drawer Different Lengths of Wire

Later in the same episode, Bean goes to Steamland with the pilot, but the pilot leaves her behind. She goes out searching for him and asks someone for directions. She’s told she’s looking for Farnsworth Blvd. in the “transpo district.” The street is named after Professor Farnsworth and the “transpo district” is a reference to Planet Express being a delivery service. When Bean arrives in the area, the landscape is dominated by a large red building. This may also be a Futurama homage to the big red Planet Express building.

What do you think of all of these Futurama Easter eggs in Disenchantment? Did you spot any we missed? Let us know in the comments. Disenchantment Season Two is now streaming on Netflix.