Netflix Announces Season 2 Release Date Of Popular Series After Actress's Exit

Netflix has announced the released date of Never Have I Ever season 2, which will arrive on July 15th; the season 2 trailer will debut during a virtual event with the cast and creators on June 17th. That's much more welcome news than fans got with the recent exit of actress Chrissy Teigen, following the "controversy" that she engaged in some alleged online bullying against model/reality TV star, Courtney Stodden. Never Have I Ever is a loose adaptation of comedian Mind Kalig's teenage years as an Indian American girl; Teigen was slated for a voice role season 2, as one of the celebrity narrators doing guest voiceovers for key characters in the show (Tennis star John McEnroe being the primary narrator).

According to Variety, season 2 of Never Have I Ever will see main character Devi "navigating the aftermath of her kiss with frenemy Ben Gross (Lewinson) while still juggling feelings for longtime crush Paxton Hall-Yoshida (Barnet)."

Netflix Never Have I Ever Season 2 Release Date Chrissy Teigen Exits

As part of her penance for bullying Courtney Stodden, Chrissy Teigen posted the following message on Twitter:


Not a lot of people are lucky enough to be held accountable for all their past bullshit in front of the entire world. I’m mortified and sad at who I used to be. I was an insecure, attention seeking troll. I am ashamed and completely embarrassed at my behavior but that...

is nothing compared to how I made Courtney feel. I have worked so hard to give you guys joy and be beloved and the feeling of letting you down is nearly unbearable, truly. These were not my only mistakes and surely won’t be my last as hard as I try but god I will try!!

I have tried to connect with Courtney privately but since I publicly fueled all this, I want to also publicly apologize. I’m so sorry, Courtney. I hope you can heal now knowing how deeply sorry I am.

And I am so sorry I let you guys down. I will forever work on being better than I was 10 years ago, 1 year ago, 6 months ago.

Never Have I Ever season 1 is now streaming on Netflix. Season 2 will premiere on July 15th. Check out the synopsis for the show, below (minor spoilers):

'Never Have I Ever' centers around Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), a 15-year-old girl from Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles. After Devi's father, Mohan (Sendhil Ramamurthy) passes away, Devi loses the use of her legs for three months. After a socially horrible freshman year, she wants to change her social status, but friends, family, and feelings do not make it easy for her.

The following year, she tries to deal with her grief, Indian identity, and school life, also struggling with her relationship with her mother, Nalini (Poorna Jagannathan), her beautiful cousin, Kamala (Richa Moorjani), her two best friends, Eleanor (Ramona Young) and Fabiola (Lee Rodriguez), her high school crush, Paxton (Darren Barnet), and her nemesis, Ben (Jaren Lewison).