Netflix Announces "Play Something" Shuffle Feature

The days of spending all your time trying to figure out what to watch on Netflix are seemingly [...]

The days of spending all your time trying to figure out what to watch on Netflix are seemingly over. Netflix has been testing and slowly rolling out a new feature called "Play Something" for a few months now, giving users the opportunity to have a title chosen for them, based on their previous viewing history. On Wednesday morning, Netflix announced the wide release of "Play Something," making it available across the globe.

Netflix revealed the official release of "Play Something" by taking to Twitter, offering a few details about the new feature and a short commercial about how it works. In the commercial, comedian Will Arnett voices a TV remote that is fed up with the way his owners constantly browse Netflix before finding something to watch. He introduces them to the "Play Something" feature, hoping that will solve everyone's problems. You can take a look below.

While "Play Something" is now available around the world, it is only able to be accessed on certain devices. For now, you can only use "Play Something" on TV-based devices, though Netflix is planning to launch the feature on Android sometime in the near future. There are no plans to introduce "Play Something" on the Netflix desktop browser.

Unlike a true shuffle feature, "Play Something" will choose a title based on what you've watched in the past. This could be a suggestion related to your viewing history, a repeat of something you haven't watched in a long time, or a title that you started in the past but never finished. If it is something you already started, the feature will continue the title wherever you left off.

This may not solve all of your streaming problems right away, but Netflix is certainly making it easier to choose what to watch.

What do you think of the new Netflix streaming feature? Will you be trying the "Play Something" option soon? Let us know in the comments!