One of Netflix's Best Sitcoms Just Left the Service

There are a lot of great shows on Netflix, but many of the great sitcoms that were once available on the service are no longer there for subscribers. Shows like The Office, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, and Friends have all left the streaming service in recent years, moving on to other streaming homes. This week, another beloved sitcom left Netflix's ranks. Saved by the Bell, the iconic teen series from the 1990s, is no longer available on Netflix.

Netflix added Saved by the Bell just one year ago, and fans were ecstatic about the partnership. All six seasons of the series were added to the streamer's lineup, along with the three TV movies. On September 14th, however, they were removed.

Saved by the Bell, Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style, Saved by the Bell: The College Years, and Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas have officially left Netflix, just about one year after arriving. The only Saved by the Bell title that never made its way to Netflix was the recent series reboot, which was an exclusive to Peacock.

While it's disappointing to see Saved by the Bell exit Netflix, all is not lost. The beloved series may not be on the biggest streaming service out there, but it is still available to stream with another subscription.

Where Can I Stream Saved by the Bell?

While Saved by the Bell spent a year in the halls of Netflix, it has still be available to stream on Peacock. The series hasn't left Peacock's roster and doesn't appear to be exiting any time soon. Both of the shows are streaming on Peacock, along with the three movies — there haven't been any changes made on that front.

At this time, Peacock is the only service where Saved by the Bell is available to stream with a subscription. The episodes and seasons can still be purchased on-demand from most VOD retailers.

What's Leaving Netflix in September?

Saved by the Bell is one of many titles that has left Netflix in September, and there are still quite a few more set to exit. Quantico and The Vampire Diaries left earlier this month, while Gotham is set to depart on September 29th. You can take a look at Netflix's full lineup of September departures below.

Leaving 9/1/22
Quantico: Seasons 1-3
Leaving 9/2/22
Leaving 9/3/22
The Vampire Diaries: Seasons 1-8
Leaving 9/9/22
Leaving 9/10/22
How to Train Your Dragon 2
Leaving 9/12/22
Offspring: Seasons 1-7
Leaving 9/14/22
Saved by the Bell: Seasons 1-6
Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style
Saved by the Bell: The College Years
Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas
Leaving 9/17/22
Leaving 9/18/22
Dark Skies
Leaving 9/18/22
Dark Matter: Seasons 1-3
Leaving 9/25/22
Blade Runner 2049
Blade Runner: The Final Cut
Leaving 9/29/22
Gotham: Seasons 1-5
Leaving 9/30/22
3 Ninjas: Kick Back
Boogie Nights
Catch Me If You Can
The Cave
Dirty Harry
Dumb and Dumber
Full Metal Jacket
I Am Legend
Made of Honor
Mean Girls
My Babysitter's a Vampire: Seasons 1-2
Old School
The Perfect Storm
The Rite
The Sweetest Thing
Taxi Driver
The Talented Mr. Ripley