Netflix Introducing Skip Politics Button To Skip Trump Jokes In Seth Meyers' Special

Seth Meyers is known for his political comedy, something he displays on a daily basis as part of his talk show Late Night with Seth Meyers. Now he's bringing that comedic edge to the stage as part of his new Netflix standup special Lobby Baby, and he's found a funny way to use some of Netflix's interactive technology to add a joke of a different kind to the special. When viewers fire up Lobby Baby they will find a new skip politics button that when used will zoom viewers past any political content in the special, and it was thought up by Meyers (via DailyMail).

'It dawned on me that because it was on Netflix, there would be this opportunity to put in technology that would allow people to skip it," Meyers told CNN. 'It was a way to build in the response to anyone who would say, "Oh, let me guess there's going to be jokes about the president."'

Now, the button will work, though for Meyers it is just "another joke", and he doesn't expect people who watch the special to actually use it. Odds are those who are going to watch Meyers' special know what's coming, as the talk show host has never held back in his criticism of President Donal Trump or his administration. Still, if someone does go in who doesn't like jokes about the President, they now have an option.

Netflix's stand-up comedy director Robbie Praw told CNN: 'We're thrilled [Meyers] was able to take advantage of the Netflix experience in such a funny and innovative way."


Netflix had a hit on its hands the last time it used interactive technology like this as part of Black Mirror's Bandersnatch, and it certainly opens up a myriad of possibilities for future programming.

As for Meyers, fans can catch Lobby Baby on Netflix today.