New Moon Knight Casting Breakdowns Surface

Following reports that none other than Oscar Isaac will be suiting up as the titular hero in Marvel's upcoming Moon Knight series, the hype is already off the charts for the series. Though Marvel Studios hasn't confirmed or denied this report just yet, we're still learning more about the show and their plans for it. Now comes a new report from The Illuminerdi which brings word of two supporting characters that are set to be cast in the series along with news of when and where Marvel will begin shooting the upcoming Disney+ original series, plus an update on what the hero might look like.

First up are the supporting roles, which the site's sources described as "a female lead in her 30's described as Egyptian and strong (no BS), and the other is for a British male lead in his 50's-early 60's in a strong supporting role, potentially open to Europeans." Production on the series will be set up in London with cameras starting to role in March of 2021. The site also notes that a description for the titular character himself "lists him as donning a silver cloak," which would mark a deviation from his all white ensemble found in the pages of Marvel Comics. There's a possibility that this distinction is more to do with how the material will look on screen than with any major changes to the hero himself.

Writer Jeremy Slater is Moon Knight's showrunner, leading a team of writers for the upcoming series which will be a Disney+ exclusive. Stepping behind the camera for the series is Egyptian director Mohamed Diab, who work includes 2016 Cannes Film Festival's Clash, along with his directorial debut in the form of Cairo 678. Both titles are among the highest grossing Egyptian and Arabic titles of all time. Diab's next title, Amira, is expected to release in 2021.


Moon Knight will follow Marc Spector, a Marvel hero who first appeared in Werewolf by Night #32, first published in August of 1975. Marc Spector has several alternate personalities which come and go, giving the character a very interesting dynamic with the Avengers heroes when they share comic book panels. The personalities include Jake Lockley, a cab driver, and Steven Greant, a rich playboy not entirely unlike Tony Stark. His powers are rooted in the Egyptian mood god Khonshu. Moon Knight was created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin.