New Series Hit & Run Canceled By Netflix

Netflix has once again brought the cancellation axe down on a series with a cliffhanger ending with Deadline reporting that the espionage thriller Hit & Run has been cancelled after one season at the streamer. The trade reports that even though the series was well received criticially and by fans the cost of production was simply too much. The COVID-19 pandemic effect the shooting schedule greatly, resulting in the series taking some three years to get made. As a result, and with the costs of COVID-19 safety protocols a continued necessity on productions, Netflix has opted not to continue the show.

Israeli actor Lior Raz (6 Underground) co-created and starred in the series, executive producing with Avi Issacharoff and Dawn Prestwich & Nicole. Other cast members in the show included Sanaa Lathan (Blade, Harley Quinn), Lior Ashkenazi (Big Bad Wolves),Gal Toren, Kaelen Ohm, and Moran Rosenblatt. Like some of Netflix's other cancellations over the past year, Hit & Run wraps up its nine episodes with a cliffhanger ending, one that now will go unsolved. Speaking in interviews after the show launched in August 6, the creators teased hopes for more seasons.

(Photo: NETFLIX)

"We had early on pitched our idea for the cliffhanger," Prestwich previously told The Hollywood Reporter. "Then, in the process of breaking the story and by the time we knew what the entire season was going to be, and we went in and pitched it to Netflix, we were undecided. We thought, maybe we won't make that choice. But Netflix missed it and said, 'We want that.' So it was like, 'Ok, we'll come back!' We've very excited. We definitely feel like the show needs at least another season."

Netflix's official description of the series reads: "A happy family man's life is turned upside down in this riveting new international thriller from the creative teams behind Fauda and The Killing. Tour guide Segev Azulai (co-creator and star Lior Raz) lives a contented life in Tel Aviv with his young daughter (Neta Orbach) and his new American wife Danielle (Kaelen Ohm). When Danielle is killed in a mysterious hit and run on the day she was set to return to New York for a visit, he suspects it may not have been an accident. Grief-stricken and confused, he searches for his wife's killers, who have fled to the U.S. With the help of his Israeli police detective cousin (Moran Rosenblatt), an old friend (Gal Toren), and an American ex-lover (Sanaa Lathan) who is a savvy investigative reporter, Segev uncovers disturbing truths about his beloved wife and the secrets she kept from him."

Hit & Run is now streaming on Netflix.