Here’s Your Chance To Taste Official 'Rugrats' Reptar Bars

You know how there was always at least one house in the neighborhood that gave away entire candy bars for Halloween? There were rumors about that house every year, but I don't recall ever experiencing this mythical candy giveaway firsthand. I can't even imagine what would happen if someone were to drop an entire Rugrats Reptar bar into my candy bag. Amazingly, there is a very small chance that this could happen to some lucky kid in real life.

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(Photo: FYE)

That's right, Reptar bars are real thanks to a partnership between FYE and Nickelodeon. Will they turn my tongue green you ask? You bet they will - the candy features a milk chocolate exterior with a bright green frosting center. They could be available in FYE stores right now, but the odds are extremely slim. Your only guaranteed way to get the bars is by pre-ordering them online in packs of 24 before they sell out. Unfortunately, the packs cost $70 and won't ship until early December. Still, this would be a tasty Christmas gift.

(Photo: FYE)

In addition to the Reptar bars, FYE is also selling official Rugrats Reptar cereal, which can be ordered here while supplies last. FYE even has an exclusive Reptar with cereal Funko Pop figure to complete the collection. These edible Rugrats-themed releases follow a similar Rick and Morty collaboration with FYE that brought Strawberry Smiggles cereal into the real world. Currently, the cereal is a lot easier to get than Mulan sauce.


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