'Once Upon a Time' Star Lana Parrilla to Make Directorial Debut This Season

After being the star of the show for seven years, Regina is taking her talents behind the [...]

After being the star of the show for seven years, Regina is taking her talents behind the camera!

Once Upon a Time is currently filming the later episodes of its current seventh season, and co-creator Adam Horowitz took to Twitter to reveal that star Lana Parrilla is taking a stab at directing the series.

Horowitz tweeted out an image of the cover page of the script for an episode titled "Chosen," which is set to be the 17th episode of the series. The cover states that it was written by Paul Karp and Brian Ridings just before revealing that it was directed by Parrilla.

"Hope to see ya on 3/2!" Horowitz wrote in the tweet that accompanied the photo.

Once Upon a Time, along with Parrilla, released a statement confirming the news. "I'm so honored for this opportunity and grateful to have my directorial debut on a show I call home!" the actress said in the statement.

What makes this appointment even more special is that it's the show's 150th episode overall. Having starred in the entire series to this point, it's sentimental for the rest of the cast to have Parrilla direct them through that landmark.

Earlier this week, Horowtiz and co-creator/executive producer Eddy Kitsis spoke with EW about the episode, where they revealed that "Chosen" is a big one for the family of Parrilla's character, Regina.

"We've teased that Zelena has a fiancé, one who she has real feelings for," the EPs said. "And who better to introduce the audience to that fiancé than the woman playing her big sister, Lana Parrilla in her directing debut."

While currently on its winter hiatus, Once Upon a Time is set to return to ABC on Friday, March 2 at 8pm ET.