'One Day At A Time' Season 3 Name-Drops 'Wynonna Earp'

One of the most critically-acclaimed comic book series on TV right now is Wynonna Earp, a [...]

One of the most critically-acclaimed comic book series on TV right now is Wynonna Earp, a horror-western with heavy romantic elements. The series airs on SYFY, and since it does not feature properties owned by Marvel or DC, tends to be forgotten in most discussions about "comic book TV."

Except on Netflix's One Day At a Time, where producer Gloria Calderón Kellett snuck a reference to the series -- as well as to its popular #Wayhaught ship -- into dialogue of the just-released third season.

You can see the tweet (and the clip) below:

The new One Day at a Time launched in 2017 and has been critically acclaimed. Created by Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce, the series stars Justina Machado as a divorced Cuban-American raising her children and living with her mother, played by Rita Moreno.

Netflix renewed the show for a third season in March after the National Hispanic Media Coalition praised the show as "a guiding light – the true north in and for an industry grappling with issues of diversity, equity, and inclusivity."

Wynonna Earp has earned similar accolades. Besides a recent People's Choice Awards win, the show has been nominated for a pair of GLAAD awards for its representation of LGBTQIA+ relationships.

One Day at a Time was created by TV legend Norman Lear. Lear has almost seven decades of experience in Hollywood and has four Emmy wins for All In The Family (1971-1979). His other credits include The Jeffersons (1975-1985), Good Times (1974-1979), Maude (1972-1978), Mary Hartman, Marty Hartman (1976-1977) and Sanford and Son (1972-1977). He also has an Oscar-nomination for co-writing the 1967 comedy Divorce American Style. Among Lear's many awards is a Kennedy Center Honor.

Wynonna Earp, based on a comic book series created by Beau Smith, airs on SYFY. The series centers on one of Wyatt Earp's descendants, who uses the Western legend's enchanted six-shooter to battle demons and wraiths sent after her as part of a family curse. Rather than having a relationship for Wynonna be at the center of the show, the designated couple on Wynonna Earp is the "WayHaught" ship in question, which pairs Wynonna's sister Waverly with local law enforcer Nicole Haught.