New 'Orphan Black' Series in Works at AMC

It seems the saga of cult-hit BBC America series Orphan Black isn't over yet.A new report states [...]

Orphan Black Spinoff Series AMC

It seems the saga of cult-hit BBC America series Orphan Black isn't over yet.

A new report states that a new series, "set in the 'Orphan Black' universe," is currently in the development stages over at AMC. Orphan Black producer Temple Street Productions will be overseeing the new spinoff.

Details are being kept under wraps, but here is what we know so far (via Variety):

"Sources stressed, however, that this would not be a spinoff or reboot of the original series, but rather a completely new story set in the same world. The producers are currently seeking a writer for the project and are looking to bring in multiple people to pitch different takes on what the show could be."

Orphan Black first premiered in 2013 and told the story of Sarah Manning, a bad girl type who one night witnesses a business woman commit suicide by jumping in front of a train - a woman who looks exactly like Sarah. As a con artist by trade, Sarah sees an opportunity to assume the dead woman Beth's identity by swiping her purse and infiltrating her home - however, the con quickly becomes a much more life-altering event than Sarah could've predicted. Not only does "Beth" turn out to be a cop who is wrapped up in some pretty serious dirty dealings, but it becomes apparent that the connection between Beth and Sarah is rooted in a secret cloning experiment by a powerful institution - and that there are far more clones of Sarah out there than just Beth. Slowly but surely, Sarah unravels the mystery of her own origin, and allies herself with some of her other clone "sisters," in order to protect themselves and their greatest treasure: Sarah's daughter Kira, the only child to ever be born from a clone.

The show was cult-hit with its fanbase due to two main factors: the sci-fi mystery that propelled a lot of the first seasons of the show, as well as the sheer scope of acting and talent an charisma displayed by series star Tatiana Maslany, who took on more than half a dozen (or more) regular or recurring roles in the show, to create the various clone characters. The series finale of Orphan Black brought Sarah Mannings story arc to a pretty definitive close, but left the larger mythos of the cloning experiments and various factions warring over them (Dyad Group and Proletheans) open enough for it to continue in this new spinoff - with plenty of opportunities for ties to the original series and some fun character cameos.

All that's left now is finding actors as talented as Maslany to sell fans on a new round of 'Send in the Clones...'

We'll keep you updated on the status of this Orphan Black spinoff.