Peacemaker Reveals How Batman's Image Has Changed Since Justice League

Batman is going to have a big year in 2022, and we have DC Films to thank for it. After all, Robert Pattinson will step out with his take on the hero in The Batman, but that is not all. It seems HBO Max is leaning into the Gotham legend with help from Peacemaker, and it has educated us all on how the universe sees Batman these days.

The whole thing went live in the first episode of Peacemaker, "A Whole New Whirled". It was there fans caught up with Chris Smith in the wake of The Suicide Squad. After his wounds from the movie are healed, Chris pays a visit to his dad after being drafted into an A.R.G.U.S. mission, and it is there we meet a new face.

As it turns out, Chris' dad has a neighbor who keeps up with heroes and villains. The neighbor is quick to label Peacemaker a villain following his role in The Suicide Squad, but Chris fights back by calling himself a hero. It doesn't take long for the neighbor to spit back that Batman is an actual superhero, leaving Chris to nurse his guilt yet again.

Clearly, this neighbor has a thing against Peacemaker, but he is fond enough of Batman. He viewed the caped crusader as a hero rather than a vigilante even, and that marks a big shift for Bruce Wayne. After all, the hero was seen as a ruthless pillar of justice in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. He was so violent that Superman had to fight Batman to stop him, and the public saw the legend as a threat. Following the events of Justice League, that has all changed, and Chris will have to do a lot to redeem himself in the public's eyes. He may not be able to stop Earth from invading aliens like Batman, but Peacemaker can make amends in his own ways. And if he wants the respect he craves, that is what he'll have to do. 

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