Rick and Morty Season 4 First Look Revealed

It's time for Rick and Morty fans all around the world to rejoice! While the long-awaited fourth [...]

It's time for Rick and Morty fans all around the world to rejoice! While the long-awaited fourth season of the ever-popular animated series isn't arriving on Adult Swim until this November, the first look at the upcoming installment has finally been unveiled online. The titular Rick and Morty are up to their shenanigans once again, and these first two photos from Season 4 take them to some strange and far away lands.

EW unveiled the two new photos ahead of Rick and Morty's panel at San Diego Comic-Con this Friday. The first of which shows Rick on an alien planet, looking totally happy and unaware. Of course, this probably doesn't bode well for anyone involved.

The second photo puts Rick in the middle of a crowd of robot alligators (or maybe crocodiles) who don't look too happy to be seeing him.

(Photo: Adult Swim)
(Photo: Adult Swim)

The most recent season of Rick and Morty concluded back in 2017, leaving fans without the beloved series for the better part of two years. While that may have started to get people worrying about the show's future, there's no longer any reason to fret. Adult Swim reached an agreement with series creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon to renew Rick and Morty for an unprecedented 70 additional episodes. It's safe to say that the series isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Well, nowhere except San Diego, California. Adult Swim will be hosting a Rick and Morty panel at Comic-Con on Friday at 1 pm PT. There will likely be a sneak peek at the new season during the panel, though it's hard to tell whether or not footage will be revealed online or not.

For now, these photos will have to do, but there are all kinds of fun tidbits to dissect while you're waiting for the actual footage to arrive.

What do you think of the new Rick and Morty photos? Are you looking forward to Season 4 this November? Let us know in the comments!