Rings of Power: Who is Adar? New Mystery Character Explained

Spoilers follow for this week's episode of The Rings of Power! With The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power taking place mostly within The Second Age of Middle-earth, most fans assumed that the series would focus on Sauron as its chief villain. Despite this assumption, and plenty of rumors after character photos appear on line, the series seemingly won't feature the Lord of the Rings himself at all in the show's first season (in any meaningful way that is, he already showed up in the first episode). This week's episode of The Rings of Power introduced a couple of new foils to the larger plot but also set the stage for the big bad of the show's first season, the mysterious Adar.

Who Is Adar in The Rings of Power?

We don't officially know anything about the character, other than the fact they're clearly in a leadership position over the orcs in The Southlands. Rumors about the character have popped up online in the past however, long before his name was uttered on the series. A description of "Adar" previously made its way online, calling the character: "A villain who can also evoke a deep sense of pathos and wounded / fallen nobility. Must possess a certain degree of physicality. Should seem middle-aged, though must also project a sense of timelessness."

It's worth noting that Amazon deployed intense secrecy while casting and producing The Rings of Power so there is potential that the above leak about the character is a misdirect that the series thought might make it out to the public. Considering what we've seen of the character both in the show, and in the marketing for the series however, it all seems like it's going to end up being accurate.

(Photo: Prime Video)

Is Adar an original character in The Rings of Power?

As of this writing, all signs point to that being the case. Though not officially shown in the episode this week it has been reported that former Game of Thrones star Richard Mawle will take on the role for the series, we'll certainly see him next week. Adar is not the only original character for the series however as multiple other original characters have already been introduced including the elf Arondir, his romantic interest Bronwyn, Eärien the daughter of Elendil, and Halbrand.

How to Watch The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

The new series can only be streamed on Amazon Prime Video, be it directly through an internet browser or on a Prime Video app on a Smart TV or other device. The series is only available to watch for Amazon Prime subscribers, available on a monthly or annual subscription, but you can sign up for it here.