'Riverdale' Stars Hint That The Black Hood Will Be Unmasked Soon

Season two of Riverdale kicked off with a pretty intense mystery - and it sounds like fans could soon get answers.

In a recent interview with Glamour, Riverdale stars Madelaine Petsch and KJ Apa were asked about the mystery surrounding the Black Hood, the masked man terrorizing the town. And according to Petsch, fans will soon discover the Black Hood's true identity - even if she didn't uncover it at first.

"I didn’t guess it." Petsch, who plays Cheryl Blossom, revealed. "When I read it, it shocked me, but you won’t have to wait much longer. A couple more episodes and the mystery will be revealed."

Apa, on the other hand, had a much better idea of who the Black Hood really was, but he can't say more beyond that.

"I already knew." Apa, who plays Archie Andrews, explained. "I guessed it. But everything is very…it’s hard to say."


As of now, the identity of the Black Hood still remains a pretty massive mystery. While a few potential suspects have seemed to emerge - namely, Hal Cooper and Smithers the Butler - nothing concrete has really come to light. The promo for next week's episode seems to hint at Sheriff Keller being suspect, but it very well could be a red herring. Fans will just have to stay tuned to Riverdale to find out.

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.