Riverdale Season 6 Return Delayed

It's been a month since Riverdale aired its landmark 100th episode, but fans of the hit The CW series will have to wait a bit longer than they initially thought for the return of the series' sixth season. On Friday, The CW announced that Riverdale won't return until Sunday, March 20th, a date that is a full two weeks later than what was originally announced. The reason for the delay is a bit of pandemic-related scheduling. The Critics Choice Awards, which were originally expected to be held earlier this month, were themselves delayed. In December, it was announced that due to a surge in COVID cases, the awards were indefinitely delayed, though a new date of Sunday, March 13th has since been announced.

With the Critics Choice Awards being broadcast on The CW, that new date for the ceremony falls one week after Riverdale's planned return on March 6th. Now, the network is just shifting that return to after the awards. Thus far, the rest of The CW's schedule remains unchanged with The Flash returning on Wednesday, March 9th—a new day for the series—followed by Kung Fu's Season 2 premiere.

As for what to expect for Season 6 of Riverdale now that the series' "Rivervale" arc, which took a surreal approach to the series' grasp on Archie comics canon, that is anyone's guess though one series star has suggested the arc may have lasting impact.

"There's going to be a lot of crazy, cool stuff for Toni's storyline in Season 6. We have other dimensions," Toni Topaz actress Vanessa Morgan recently told Us Weekly. "It's going to be very, very cool [and] unlike any other season. I love, like, the witchy magic aspect of it all."

"If you believe [in other dimensions] then there's alternate realities all going on at the same time, different versions, different outcomes, all playing out at your life at the same time," Morgan continued. "I believe in that, and I feel like we're kind of touching on that. And then I think toward the end of the season, it'll all come together, and you'll really realize how it all relates."

Riverdale will return with new episodes on Sunday, March 20th at 8/7c on The CW.

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