'Riverdale': Tensions Escalate Between the Serpents and the Lodges in "Chapter Twenty-Six: The Telltale Heart"

The CW has released the official synopsis for 'Chapter Twenty-Six: The Telltale Heart,' the [...]

The CW has released the official synopsis for "Chapter Twenty-Six: The Telltale Heart," the Feburary 7 episode of Riverdale.

In the episode, things are getting ugly between two potentially dangerous people: Hiram Lodge and FP Jones.

The first season, of course, saw the then-imprisoned Lodge working alongside the Serpents to devalue Jughead's beloved drive-in theater to the point where Hiram could buy it out from under its owners -- with a little help from Mayor McCoy. Now, it seems McCoy is doing the same for Lodge with regard to South Side High.

Not only are the Serpents not, apparently, part of that deal but the mayor has essentially sold their turf out from under them to make it happen.

"I think, in many ways, the kids in the town are all reflections of their parents and are kind of these ghost-like images of their parents," series star Cole Sprouse said. "Even when we start to learn the parents' story in Season 1, we see that someone like FP made some mistakes that Jughead is either stumbling into blindly or trying to acknowledge. I think Jughead has a tremendous yearning for the approval of his father, who was probably not there too much when he was a kid. He's a kid whose mom is not around. He's a kid who takes his childhood friendships super, super seriously and is all about the kind of purity and moral rightness of whatever person is making the bad decisions that they're making, and I think he sees the potential for greatness in his father and he sees the potential for greatness in himself and he's slowly but surely realizing that there are a lot of different shades to good and bad and that his father is definitely sitting right around the middle of that and what that might mean for Jughead. In that way, we have Luke Perry's character, who's very morally righteous, and Archie is a spectre of that moral righteousness as well, sort of a lawful good. And then we have Jughead sort of sitting on that spectrum, trying to figure out what part of that spectrum he sits on and if he leans either way and it's definitely a shade of his father -- and if his father can end up influencing him towards either direction, that's yet to be said."

You can check out the official synopsis below.

Betty (Lili Reinhart) turns to Jughead (Cole Sprouse) for help when the consequences of a hasty decision come back to haunt her. Veronica (Camila Mendes) organizes a face to face meeting after tensions between Hiram (Mark Consuelos), FP (Skeet Ulrich) and Jughead spiral out of control.

Elsewhere, Archie (KJ Apa) is forced to make a tough decision after Agent Adams (guest star John Behlmann) takes things one step too far.

Julie Plec directed the episode written by Michael Grassi.

Riverdale airs on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. "Chapter Twenty-Six: The Telltale Heart" will premiere on February 7.