X-23 Joins Disney's Descendants in Robot Chicken Clip

X-23 crossed over with Disney's Descendants on a recent episode of Adult Swim's Robot Chicken. Descendants is the Disney made-for-television movie series about the children of Disney movie villains. In the clip, the group questions why X-23 is at their school, at first claiming that Wolverine isn't a Disney character before Laura corrects them. Then there's the question of whether or not Wolverine counts as a villain. X-23 proves her worth by rapping about how she watched her father die and then murdering one the Descendants to prove she isn't all talk. You can watch the clip in full above.

Robot Chicken celebrates its 200th episode on Sunday. Co-creator Matt Seneich spoke to ComicBook.com about how far the series has come since it debuted.

"I've accepted the fact that I'm old," he says. "I have to justify the fact that we've become a nostalgia show in a weird way, genuinely. As opposed to making fun of nostalgia, we are also nostalgia. So it's very meta all of a sudden. I love having those conversations with Adult Swim talking about merchandise, and how we're a nostalgia brand.

"For us, I think the important thing is, we need to bring in -- and we have been bringing in -- younger writers, people who grew up in the '90s and the 2000s, that are making fun of the things that they grew up with. We can still do the stuff that we are watching and that is current, but the actual nostalgia factor of the stuff that we play with, the action figures and the cartoons, and even the video games, are from a younger generation. I think that's been fantastic, and fun for us, to be learning about these properties that we weren't watching as they were coming out. It's just trying to find that lovely balance to what we like to play with."


Of the show's 200th episode specifically, he said, "I think it was best summed up by the head of Adult Swim. He said flat out, he said, 'You're Saturday Night Live. You're our Saturday Night Live. You are a sketch comedy show that comes weekly to people and you're always making fun of something that's going to be relevant to pop culture currently and relevant to the nostalgia of what pop culture is.'

"And that's always stuck with me. Hitting 200, it's just one of those experiences where you're just amazed. Seth and I started this thing, and it was supposed to be just a little online short. It was something that Seth was supposed to just bring on Conan O'Brien and not turn it into anything else. So to be doing this -- I'm playing with friends. That's what I have to constantly be telling myself is, I'm going to work, but at the same time, I'm still playing with the same people I've always loved. And yeah, it's I get to play with toys and get paid for it. I'm not going to complain."