Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt Channel Taylor Swift With "All Too Well" (Ken's Version) in SNL Monologue

It was rare, we were there, we bid Ken farewell in Gosling's SNL monologue.

Ryan Gosling hosted Saturday Night Live this week in support of his new movie, The Fall Guy, but after a 2023 defined by his fan favorite (and critically acclaimed) portrayal of Ken in Barbie, Gosling just can't seem to quite let Ken go — and even had to channel Taylor Swift to express his feelings about the situation. Gosling's SNL monologue ended up being a musical number that saw the actor joined by his The Fall Guy costar Emily Blunt as they sang their own version of Swift's "All Too Well", just, well, Ken's Version.

Set to the music of Swift's "All Too Well", Gosling sang about his "breakup" with Ken, at one point singing "I was just Ken and now I'm just Ryan". At one point, Blunt interrupted the musical performance to try to get Gosling to just let go of Ryan, but soon was also singing about her role as Kitty in Oppenheimer with the duo ultimately signing a sad, "breakup" song about the summer of Barbenheimer as they said goodbye to their characters — though as Gosling noted at the end, Ken will never die. Check it out for yourself below.

Taylor Swift's Music Factors Into Gosling's New Movie

Gosling singing Ken's version of "All Too Well" is actually pretty fitting. The trailer for The Fall Guy features Gosling's Cold Seavers crying in his car while listening to Swift's actual song and the film's director Davide Leitch has said that there will be more of the superstar's music in the film.

"I don't want to give it away but there's some Taylor," Leitch told Variety. "There's some Taytay. We love Taytay and so does Colt Seavers."

Leitch further explained to The Hollywood Reporter that Swift's music is actually a big part of the film, at least in terms of how it resonated with the story.

"It's not only the trailer, actually. It was something that was baked into the DNA of the film and when we were looking for a piece of music that sort of represented their romance and their fall from grace in the past, and I won't give too much away because you guys all have to see the movie," he said. "Kelly came up with this idea of, you know, Taylor has this great song and then we started to play it and it just became emblematic of their moment and also, it's such a beautiful cue and it's an emotional cue and it's a contemporary cue and you know anything Taylor does is amazing but like to add it on top of Brian and Emily, now performing it's like magic. You're like, three unicorns doing their thing. It's pretty amazing."

Gosling's SNL Cold Open Brought Back the Close Encounter Sketch

This week's SNL had another treat for fans as the cold open brought back the fan-favorite Close Encounter sketch featuring Gosling's fellow Barbie star, Kate McKinnon. While Cecily Strong was the third in the previous iterations of the sketch, this time around that role was filled by Sarah Sherman. Gosling and McKinnon reprised their respective roles for the sketch, but this time it got a little more physical as McKinnon got under Gosling's undercarriage and it wasn't long before the two started to crack up a bit before even getting too far into this sketch. 

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