Adam Driver Cleans Up Saturday Night Live's Christmas Party in Latest Promo

SNL is back from the Holiday break and Adam Driver is ready and willing to bring the funny. In a clip to promote tonight's episode, the Star Wars actor gets a little bit more than he asked for as he gets to host and clean up a mess. Driver walks in while talking about this being his third time hosting and gestures at a wall of people who have handled the duty before. He discovers that nothing has been handled since the giant Christmas party that happened after Eddie Murphy's amazing episode back in December. The Kylo Ren actor makes a big show of disposing of a tree, while telling the staff member there that she's technically closer, but it's all worth it for the laughs. One destroyed tree later and he end card flashes with his name along with Halsey as the musical guest.

8H is a sight for sore eyes as the cast gets back to the studio for the back half of Season 45. SNL returns tonight, January 25th, with the aforementioned Star Wars alum ready for his third monologue. Halsey will be having an interesting evening as well after some very unfortunate tweets earlier in the week.

Driver's first appearance was back in January of 2016 as he found some notoriety for his part in HBO's Girls and the looming Star Wars movies. People still laugh when mentioning "Star Wars Undercover Boss" which featured Kylo Ren going undercover as a radar technician. Another appearance on the show would follow in the fall of 2018.

Halsey's also a returning performer as her SNL debut came back in 2018. Se was host and guest in February of last year as well. The pop star just released Manic, her third studio album, this week. The album is still charting on the Billboard Hot 100. A less than stellar review for the album found her critiquing the publication responsible. But, when she called for it's destruction on social media, someone forgot to tell her that the magazine set up shop in the World Trade Center. Still, should be a fun show for both performers and it is good to have SNL back after all those weeks.

Saturday Night Live airs on NBC beginning at 11:30/10:30 p.m. Central. Driver's can be seen in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in theaters or in Marriage Story, now streaming on Netflix.