Saturday Night Live Is Being Hosted by Stranger Things Star David Harbour Tonight

Saturday Night Live's 45th season is in full swing and tonight, Stranger Things star David Harbour will host the late night live television variety show. He will be joined by musical guest Camila Cabello and the pair reminded fans of that in a humorous promo that sees Harbour and Cabello joined by cast member Kenan Thompson who jokes about appearing "full nude", not having anything special about his name, and even pokes a bit of fun at his status as having the longest tenure of any cast member on Saturday Night Live to date -- currently standing at 17 years.

Harbour recently wrapped filming on Marvel Studios' upcoming Black Widow film. In it the actor plays Alexi Shostakov, a character more widely known as the Red Guardian among comic fans, a character who is a longtime KGB fixture. It's a role that will see the actor become a part of another wildly popular pocket of pop culture with the Marvel Cinematic Universe being, well, huge. It's something he spoke about with earlier this year.

"Yeah. Yeah. Those movies, there's a reason why they are the zeitgeist that they are," Harbour said. "The guys that I've met over there who are making these movies, like [Louis] D'Esposito and [Kevin] Feige, they just seem like the best in the business in a certain way in terms of that particular thing. And the great thing about them and about all the people that work on these movies is that it really feels like an amateur movie, and I don't mean this in terms of a negative thing. Amateur stems from the word 'amo', to love. People just doing it for the love of it as opposed to just doing it for a paycheck. And that's really what it feels like. It feels like these guys just love, love, love movies, and they want to make fun, exciting movies."

When it comes to his other wildly popular pocket of pop culture, Stranger Things, however, his place in that seems a little up in the air. At the end of Stranger Things Season 3, his character Chief Hopper died when he sacrifices himself in the explosion that closed the gateway to the Upside-Down. However, a post credits scene hinted that maybe Hopper survived, and the character's fate has been a bit of an enduring mystery -- one that Harbour himself talked a bit about during a recent appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers.


"Okay, I knew this would come up. This is the great thing about doing a late night talk show," Harbour said. "Okay, so here's thing, I always knew that Hopper had to make a sacrifice. He's a jerk and like, he also needs to, he needs to pay for that in some way. So I thought he'd make this sacrifice and then the script came out and, spoiler alert like if you don't want to know about this stuff... and you know the post credit scene there's this thing where it's the American and I was like, ‘Oh, clearly I’m the American,' And then I haven’t gotten many phone calls."

Saturday Night Live, hosted by David Harbour with musical guest Camila Cabello, airs Saturday, October 12 beginning at 11:30/10:30 p.m. Central on NBC.