Scrubs Star Christa Miller Reveals Hopeful News for Revival Movie

A potential Scrubs reunion seems to be gaining some serious steam thanks to cast and crew stumping for a revival. Earlier this month, Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence revealed he hopes to reunite the cast and crew for a film reunion. Now, Lawrence's wife Christa Miller—the actor who plays Jordan Sullivan on the sitcom—says she and the rest of the cast have remained close friends and often beg Lawrtence to get a Scrubs reunion written.

"All of us at Scrubs beg Bill for the Scrubs movie. And we'll bring Brendan Fraser back to life; we all want the Scrubs movie. I'm hoping. We torture Bill," Miller said in a recent chat with THR. "ll those guys are my very close friends, so every night that we see Bill — at bar night, we talked about it. And Bill's like, 'Can we have one moment that we don't talk about it?' And we're like, 'No,' I think he might do it, it's just that he's so busy right now."

Lawrence said last week that his wife still regularly hangs out with John McGinely, Zach Braff, and other actors adjacent to the show.

"You'll see her and Jason Segel, John McGinley, Zach Braff, and I think Busy [Philipps] might be there. It's all these people with drinks, shaking hands anyways. But I hope to bring it back around," Lawrence said of his wife's Instagram account. "That's part of the infectious vibe of some of our shows — that people end up sincerely enjoying each other and hanging out anyway."

That said, the writer did say if a movie were to happen, he's confident every actor would choose to return.

"I've been very lucky in my career that 99% of people I've worked with have been people I'd want to spend time with anyway. I think everybody from Spin City – except Connie Britton because she was always so busy on other shows, but I'll get her sooner or later – was on Scrubs," he concluded. "It just keeps going around. I don't ever want to infiltrate it too much, but I think people will see more of Neil Flynn next year. I'd love to find a way to get somebody from Ted Lasso into this world."

Scrubs is streaming in its entirety on both Prime Video and Hulu.

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