SDCC 2018: 'Adventure Time' Panel Recap

Starting the day inside the Indigo Ballroom for Adventure Time! Panel is slated to start at 10amPT and the room is impressively full as this writing is taking place from the very last row in the room from SDCC 2018.

Panel is starting a few minutes late, but there is a band that looks to be taking its place on the stage as the lights dim.

We are starting our Adventure Time at 10:05 with a keytar player rocking out, flanked by a bass player, guitar and drummer alongside.

Panelist Ashley Burch takes the stage as the panel moderator, celebrating 10 years of Adventure Time.

First guys up on stage are Jeremy Shada (Finn the Human) and John DiMaggio (Jake the Dog).

At its core, it is about a boy and his dog, what do you think it is about AT that makes it resonate.

John: “I think that people love cartoons… from 1 to 92 there is a cartoon for everyone, this show appeals to that wide range. There is literally something for everyone. It really rings true.”

Jeremy: “It has a great blend of comedy with honest character moments. It has real emotions and they are believable. They go through real emotions that you don’t normally see in a cartoon.”

The result is that AT feels like a lovely cohesiveness to the characters. So, guys, you have played these character for 10 seasons – Jeremy you were 12 when you started this – so what are you going to miss the most.

Jeremy: “The week to week and being in the booth. It was just fo fun to be in it, and you get to know everyone in the cast and crew.”

John: “The Tuesday afternoons for ning years. I am going to miss how much Jake became a part of me and I became a part of Jake. I realized after that last recording it him me, I was driving home and I started crying, I called me wife, blubbering, an ugly cry, I wont get to play Jake anymore.

“And the farting in pockets. Ill miss farting in pockets.”

The band is being introduced, and they are going to sing with Jeremy, Punch on Your Buns…

Jeremy went acapella…. Crowd loved it.

New song…. With the band and both voice actors: All Gummed Up Inside // All Warmed Up Inside …

Two ladies joing the panel: Olivia Olsen (Maceline) and Hynden Walsh (Princess Bubblegum)

So, Olivia, you are a fan favorite obviously…. Why do think the people are so drawn to Maceline:

Olivia: “Because she has problems…… I mean, she is relatable even though she is a vampire so maybe not relatable in that way, but she has some things that people can relatable.

“I loved being able to play father/daughter with my dad and very few people can saw they got to do that.”

Hyden you said you “are” Princes Bubblegum… how do you relate to her?

Hayden: “All the parts I play, they are part of us, and the more we do them the more they become part of us… and so even the bad guys … its like, no that was me at 14 years old… but that’s another story. I mean, PB and I are very organized. She doesn’t mess around. They wrote in that speaks German (now Hayden speaking German, so I have no idea what she is saying) …”

Time for another song: My Best Friends in the World…

Jeremy and Olivia … Hayden jumps in on the harmony.

Jeremy is leaving the panel because he has to head over to do the Voltron panel…. Poor planning by the SDCC folks…

They replaced him with as a stuffed Finn doll.

Now we have Niki Young (Beemo) and Tom Kenny (Ice King) joining the rest.

Rolling a fan-made tribute to Adventure Time… cutting in clips from the show with cosplayers and videos submitted in advance.

You guys were later additions to the friend group, but what are Beemo and Ice King favorite moments?

Tom: “When the Ice King moved in with them it was really funny. When you take exotic characters from this crazy land and then make them do just generic sit-com things. The characters are deep but you can do banal stuff, so there is so much life in that.”

Nikki: “Beemo is lke such a baby and they are taking care of me, so when Beemo gets hurt and she just wimpers, ‘Oh, kiss me on my face’ … and so there are other times when Beemo has to be the boss – like at bath time… ‘you have to take the bath, you have to take it’ and really there were so many sides of Beemo so it was fun to play.”

So, The Ultimate Adventure is coming out, the finale is coming out, but give us some tidbits:

“Its everything you want, unless you wanted things that we didn’t want. So when the show ends, there are so many mixed emotions and directions. We found and ending that answered some questions, but not all the answers, so some people may be left wanting more.”

Showed a quick clip… about 30 seconds… gave a couple quick hits from every character… nothing spoiler

September 3rd is The Ultimate Adventure Finale at 6pm.

Two more songs. One from Beemo... the other from Marceline and Ice King.

Clip now being shown from a special "Minecraft" episode that they are releasing.

Another very short clip, maybe 30 seconds... definitely in Minecraft style, and pretty funny interaction with Finn and a Minecraft enemy.

Rolls into another clip from the finale... about 30 seconds, again... not much to gain from it.

They are going into a song from Olivia with "I'm Just Your Problem."


Olivia is stealing the show, she is now singing another: "Daddy Why Did You Eat My Fries"

Staying with the food theme, Bacon Pancakes? John DiMaggio lights its up!