CBS Moves Two Shows to Paramount+

The spring shuffling continues in the world of network television. Hours after ABC axed a whole [...]

The spring shuffling continues in the world of network television. Hours after ABC axed a whole slate of shows from the broadcast network, CBS announced a pair of favorites are being bumped to Paramount+ later this year. SEAL Team and Clarice are the two shows impacted by the move, and will move to Paramount+ with their next seasons this fall.

Clarice — a modern sequel to The Silence of the Lambs — will head immediately to Paramount+ for its sophomore outing, whenever that debuts; the first season is currently airing on the network. SEAL Team, on the other hand, is expected to have a transition period between its network broadcast and streaming arrival. According to a report by Deadline, upwards of four SEAL Team episodes will still air on CBS prior to being bumped to Paramount+, where it will then reside on a permanent basis.

The move allows CBS to afford more space to franchise mainstays like CSI, CIS, and FBI. In fact, the channel has already picked up a spinoff from each procedural for the upcoming fall television season.

In addition to Rebecca Breeds' lead role as Clarice Starling, Clarice also stars Michael Cudlitz, Lucca De Oliveira, Kal Penn, Nick Sandow, Devyn Tyler, and Marnee Carpenter in lead roles. When's Charlie Ridgely spoke with Cudlitz earlier this year, the actor praised Alex Kurtzman and Jenny Lumet's dedication to the source material.

"Now, we know who her boss was in the Silence of the Lambs. And that structure, the workplace structure would have obviously stayed the same or similar," Cudlitz told us in April.

He added, "And then some of those characters, we would know what they're still doing. That is not the case, just because we don't have the ability to use those characters. So that being said, we're moving slower. Like every other adaptation has since. They've used the characters, and their backstories as a jumping off point. And that's what we're doing. The history of Paul Krendler is what it was. Where he goes from here is yet to be discovered. And whether or not he does become the Paul Krendler that we see by the time we get to Hannibal is yet to be seen. But again, that's 10 years down the road. A lot can happen. People change over 10 years."