Seinfeld and Star Trek Actor Richard Herd Dies At 87

A new report has confirmed Seinfeld actor Richard Herd has passed away at the age of 87. The actor, who played Mr. Wilhelm in the sitcom, died in Los Angeles after battling cancer. This news comes shortly after Seinfeld fans bid farewell to Jerry Stiller, the father of comedian Ben Stiller who played George Costanza's father on the beloved show. Now, fans are left to mourn the death of Herd and relive the actor's best moments on Seinfeld all the years later.

Herd got his start in acting after seeking work in New York. Born in Boston, the actor debuted on film in the 1970s with Hercules in New York before he replaced Richard Long in All the President's Men where he played James McCord.

Since his on-screen debut, Herd went on to tackle a slew of big-name projects such as Seinfeld and even Star Trek. He played the Klingon L'Kor in Star Trek: The Next Generation and returned to the franchise as Admiral Owen Paris in Star Trek: Voyagers and Star Trek: Renegades.

richard herd
(Photo: CBS)

As for Seinfeld, the actor was best-known for his occasional role as Mr. Wilhelm. The character showed up on the series 11 times as an executive overseeing the New York Yankees. He trained George after the lead landed a job with the team as an assistant.

Herd is survived by his wife Patricia Crowder Herd who he spent 40 years with. He also leaves behind his daughter Erica, son Rick, and stepdaughter Alicia. Our thoughts are with his loved ones at this time.