She-Ra: Geena Davis Debuts as Huntara in New Clip

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is back for Season 3 today, and fans are excited to see what the new season holds for Adora and the Princess Alliance. Ahead of the big premiere, DreamWorks Animation released a clip from the new season, which gives the fanbase a first look at Geena Davis as the princess of the Crimson Waste, Huntara.

The scene begins with Adora, Glimmer, and Bow heading into a seedy watering hole in a part of the planet that was believed to been abandoned. The Best Friend squad is lost and looking for help when some unsavory characters try to pick a fight with the outsiders. Adora and her friends look on in wonder while Huntara tosses the troublemakers out of the establishment. It seems that there are people in the Crimson Waste that our heroes can trust.

Huntara's presence signals how showrunners Noelle Stevenson and her team are delving into the lore of the franchise, as the classic character appeared in the 1980s tv series. Her appearance looks to play on that history and is another example of She-Ra's steps towards addressing the Masters of The Universe canon. In a recent panel at Comic-Con, Stevenson talked about how the team got Davis for the role.

"She did this amazing power move where she's like, 'Also DreamWorks, anytime you want me to be a voice on one of your shows you know to call.' And so it's like, 'Okay, all right, she's offering!'" Stevenson said as she addressed the crowd. "She saw the picture and the first thing she said was, '[Gasp] Her abs!' And then she just went around saying, 'Yeah my character is purple and enormous.'"

Calling for your own casting is a massive flex and one that Marvel fans have seen work in their favor in the past year as well. Simu Liu famously tweeted his way into becoming Shang-Chi in that upcoming film. The difference here is that all it took for Davis to become a Princess of Power was a single request.

Huntara isn't the only thing from the old series that is coming up in Season 3 of She-Ra. According to Stevenson, there are a lot of references and outright plot points that will allude to the Masters of the Universe.

"There are plenty of [elements of Masters of the Universe] coming up." Stevenson told earlier this year. "The show is only just getting started, so stay tuned. There are some things on the horizon."


"I mean it's amazing," Stevenson told us of the series' reception. "It's been amazing seeing the feedback and enthusiasm. I think that it's been really nice especially to see people picking up what we set out to do and appreciating it and seeing that it was hitting in the way that we hoped it would. That's very rewarding to see. Yeah, I mean I think we took a risk. We made some changes that were a little bit risky, and it was very validating to see people respond to that with positivity."