She-Ra Showrunner Noelle Stevenson Wanted To Broaden Hero Archetypes

She-Ra showrunner Noelle Stevenson set out to broaden hero archetypes with the creative team’s work on the series. Dreamworks scored a huge hit with the new version of the character. Stevenson’s team made it a focus to showcase the Princesses of Power in some slightly new light for the Netflix series. In a conversation with ITV, the showrunner talked about how much of an emphasis representation was on the show. Adore, Glimmer, Bow and all their friends have individual moments of heroism where they can save the day using the skills that set them apart. For the creative team, this was put out in front early. A hero doesn’t always have to be one type of person or look one type of way. There are so many ways to deliver a victory in the face of hardship, and She-Ra is proof of that belief.

"She-Ra is a show with such a wide range of characters, and we really just wanted to show - this sounds a little cheesy - but that anyone can be a hero," Stevenson explained. "You hear that a lot but you still tend to see one specific, narrow archetype of character who gets to be the hero." actually had the chance to speak to the showrunner near the end of the series. The conversation meandered towards what would be next for the Best Friend Squad after the conclusion of the series.

“I think that the show as we set out to make it has concluded, and I'm very satisfied with the conclusion. And I think what's great about an open ending like that is that the possibilities are limitless. We don't know exactly which path these characters are going to take, but I think for the first time they really get to choose what happens to them and where they're going to go,” she began. “And I hope that everyone who watches the show and takes something away from it has their own idea of what that is. And there's a part of me that's like, I would love to see those interactions. I would love to see their road trip through space. I would love to see the characters being friends and just settling down in a world that, for the first time in centuries, is without war.”


Stevenson continued, “I would definitely, if at any point I had the opportunity to return to this world. I love these characters so much that I would be very tempted to do so. It is just something that I would want to make sure that it does not compromise the integrity of the ending that we planned and that we built to. I think that because the theme of the show is about that choice and about the characters choosing their own paths, that open ending feels like it really ties into those themes. And so I guess in short, I'm open to it, but also somewhat hesitant as well.”

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