American Rust Cancelled by Showtime After Only One Season

American Rust has been cancelled by Showtime after just one season. Pittsburgh's Tribune Review reported the news first and fans are a little shocked to hear that. Jeff Daniels and Maura Tierney had become a normal sight for viewers on the network. Showrunner Dan Futterman put out a statement thanking the network for the opportunity. Showtime itself also released comment on American Rust's cancellation. In the age of streaming, sometimes you only get one season to prove your concept. In a lot of cases, this doesn't mean that the show isn't a winner. Maybe it didn't find the perfect audience or the perfect platform. For now, Futterman is just reflecting on the opportunity to share this story with the fans. 

"We can confirm that American Rust will not be moving forward with a second season," Showtime said in a statement. "We would like to thank our partners at Boat Rocker, our talented showrunner Dan Futterman and the rest of the wonderful writers, and our amazing cast led by Jeff Daniels and Maura Tierney."

Futterman put out a statement to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about the decision to cancel the show. He was thankful to the people of the region for being so welcoming of the cast and crew.

"I'm deeply grateful to both Boat Rocker Studios and Showtime for the opportunity to make 'American Rust' the way we wanted to make it: on location in Allegheny, Washington and Fayette Counties," Futterman wrote. "Our crew, both local to Pittsburgh and from New York and Los Angeles, was talented, committed, incredibly hard-working."

"Our cast, flown in from the coasts as well as local ... was a dream. I am so proud of what we made. Adam Rapp and I, along with the rest of our writers, were in the midst of creating what I believe was going to be an even better season than the first," he added. "A business decision was made last week not to produce that second season. I am heartbroken by that decision."

"I wish I was coming back to Pittsburgh this summer with Jeff Daniels, Maura Tierney, Rob Yang, David Alvarez, Julie Mayorga, Alex Neustaedter, Mark Pellegrino and Bill Camp and that we were reuniting with all our local cast. This will be a hard one to let go of, and I'll dream about the people of Buell, Pa., for a long time," Futterman concluded.

Showtime provided a synopsis of this series:

"Award winners Jeff Daniels and Maura Tierney star in an unflinching new Showtime Original Series. In an economically devastated Pennsylvania steel town, a complicated and compromised chief of police (Daniels) is forced to decide how far he's willing to go when the son of the woman he loves (Tierney) is accused of murder. A harrowing journey into the lives of a small town with big secrets, where people are driven by loyalty, love and desperation – and bad choices come far too easy."

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