The Simpsons Showrunner Explains That Epic Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Reference

The Simpsons’ showrunner explains how that epic Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse reference came into being. Treehouse of Horror is on tonight and with it comes a number of wonderful parodies. The Spider-Verse reference stills hit the web near the announcement of this year’s episode and people were thrilled. Al Jean talked to GiveMeMyRemote about the special and what he saw from Spider-Verse. Marvel fans and newcomers alike are just so enamored with Miles Morales’ cinematic adventure. When the character debuted, there was a lot of argument about his merit on the larger roster. But, that basically doesn’t exist anymore. Spider-Verse has everything to do with that, and without the film, it’s hard to imagine Sony placing the young hero as the centerpiece of their PlayStation 5 launch cycle.

“Well, the big difference was SPIDER-VERSE just had this incredible variety of different Spider-Mans,” Jean said. “We had an episode where there were clones of Homer running around en masse. These are not just variances on Homers, but there are variances on Burns and Smithers. [This] came from a different starting point, so we thought it was a different story than the clones of the story that we did in ‘Treehouse XIII.'”

He quickly added, “I thought it just provided an opportunity for amazing animation feats. Every segment has this really great look, and they’re all different from each other. We were really happy with the way it came together.”

If that weren’t cool enough, Insomniac Games recently announced that the Spider-Verse suit would be coming to their PS5 launch title. Fans were wondering where Miles’ now-iconic Black and Red number from the movie was when the trailer first dropped. But, the developer had some special plans for the Spider-Verse edition of his duds. The game will mimic the heavy comic style of the movie as Miles stutters and glitches when performing certain moves. He will also pop off the screen with the super flat color style from the Oscar-award-winning effort as well. Halloween may be over, but there’s a ton of people ready and waiting for that costume.

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