SNL Host Harry Styles Enjoys The Magic Of Fall With Kenan

Saturday Night Live fans are stoked for tonight’s episode after the week-long hiatus last week. The all-new offering will star Harry Styles in his hosting debut and he’s celebration the magical season unfolding in front of the audience with Kenan Thompson. A clip released by SNL’s YouTube account shows the pair walking around the studio and the grand tour is very warmly lit. Styles is showing off the fashion that most fans have come to love and expect from the young star. The red sweater and those flares are seriously on-trend. When the superstar says that he’s down for pretty much anything, there’s only one thing Thompson wants to do. That’s right, classic fall hijinks are on deck as the two jump into a big pile of leaves on the set during a montage. The effect of the small clip is weirdly wholesome until the two get kicked out by the crew working to get the studio ready for the big night.

The former One Direction star will be performing as a musical guest as well in promotion of his upcoming album. Back in 2017, he played the role of musical guest as a solo artist. Back in another lifetime, 1D appeared together as a musical act on the show in 2012. The show gets rolling at 11:30/10:30 p.m. Central on NBC. Even though this episode should be a blast, a lot of people are already looking ahead to a legend making his grand re-entrance next weekend.

Will Ferrell will join the list of performers who have hosted the show five times next week on November 23rd. He’s the 22nd star to gain entrance to the “Five-Timers Club.” Other members of that hysterical outfit include: Alec Baldwin (17 hosting gigs), Steve Martin (15), John Goodman (13), and Tom Hanks (9). Back in 1995, Ferrell joined the cast of the show and spent seven years delivering the funny before leaving. The Hollywood career that followed has made that decision look like the right one. It will be his first time on that stage as host since January of 2018.

Unfortunately, after the comedy star makes his appearance, that could be it for another week as another hiatus could be looming. In past years, SNL has taken a break on Thanksgiving weekend before returning to start December with some humor. The remainder of 2019 has only one other confirmed guest, SNL alum Eddie Murphy. The actor and comedian is slated to host the December 21st episode and the musical guest is still unknown. His appearance could signal a mid-season finale before the show goes on its holiday break.

Saturday Night Live airs on NBC beginning at 11:30/10:30 p.m. Central. Who has been your favorite SNL host this season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!