South Park Introduces Hilarious Parody Version of WWE’s Randy Savage

This week’s South Park will have people talking after a number of controversial topics, which is saying something after the general track record the show has. One thing people may not have been expecting when they tuned in this week was a Macho Man Randy Savage sighting. That wasn’t the only thing to discuss from this episode though as Trey Parker and Matt Stone tried to effectively fit basically everything into the show’s runtime this week. That includes skewering Disney+’s launch and the China controversy again after the feud to begin this season of South Park. But, the famed WWE Superstar’s appearance on this week’s episode was very contrived and seems like it will basically be overshadowed by the larger plot that the late wrestler’s likeness will be a part of.

An extended bit about Strong Woman, PC Principal’s partner, competing in a Strongman Tournament brings her into competition with the wrestler. Going by Heather Swanson, she argues that she should be allowed to compete, and starts to dominate. Actually, Swanson ends up being an alias for Strong Woman’s ex-boyfriend Blade Jaggard. The revenge plot sees the scheming athlete brought down by the collected girls of South Park elementary in a board game tournament. The jokes at the expense of trans athletes will give some viewers pause, but it looks like the controversy is what they were after and South Park achieved that goal.

Disney+ came into the equation when the PC Babies actually took issue with Mulan in a joke that took aim at warnings in front of some old movies containing offensive content on the streaming service. The commentary works two-fold as Mulan comes into conversation as well. The original movie has been criticized for alterations to the original fable and some of the jokes in it (and that was just the 90s.) But, also the new actress portraying the character in the live-action version of the story sided with the Hong Kong police instead of protesters in the region.

Jabs at the Chinese government continue to rain down in South Park. Parodying LeBron James’ waffling on the issue, visiting the country and making fun of leadership, and of course mocking Disney’s place in the entire thing have all happened this season. South Park’s creators have not minced words when it comes to their stance on the country after the show was banned for some of the earlier barbs.

"Like the NBA, we welcome the Chinese censors into our homes and into our hearts," the scathing statement from South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone last month reads. "We too love money more than freedom and democracy. Xi doesn't look like Winnie the Pooh at all. Tune in to our 300th episode this Wednesday at 10 p.m. Long live the great Communist Party of China. May the autumns sorghum harvest be bountiful. We good now China?"