The Mandalorian: Star Wars Fans May Have Figured Out Where Moff Gideon Is Hiding

Star Wars: The Mandalorian fans might have figured out where Moff Gideon is hiding already. With [...]

Star Wars: The Mandalorian fans might have figured out where Moff Gideon is hiding already. With Baby Yoda needing to be rescued, it's up to Mando to go find him and bring him back. "The Believer" had the titular character retrieve a map and start formulating how to get there. Star Wars fans are a dedicated bunch and agreed with Star Wars Theories that Nal Hutta and Nar Shaddaa seemed like good bets. The Hutts are a known commodity on that planet and a number of shady transactions have gone on there. There's also the fact that no one is going to pay Gideon any mind there while there's so much other scummy behavior afoot. Hopefully, Mando and his allies have a plan because there are going to be some real fireworks as Season 2 draws to a close.

Esposito was only too happy to feed into this notion when speaking at FAN EXPO Vancouver earlier this year. He promised pulse-pounding action, and that's been true so far. And it's not nearly over yet as the stars are promising even more battles ahead.

"The prop guys are wondering about me because I was in a bit of a commotion and a bit of a struggle with someone else, which I'm hoping you will enjoy when you see it," Esposito said. "Major, major, epic, epic lightsaber action happening on this show, and I should mention that I'm the only character in this first season who was able to be honored with having that lightsaber. So it feels wonderful."

Baby Yoda's standoff with the evildoers during this season was the cause of a lot of cheering on social media. The Moff Gideon actor also joked about that beforehand too.

"Well, no way. [Laughs]," the Mando star continued. "It ain't gonna happen, baby! Anything is possible, and you keep watching. Because although the baby has some incredible power, without having to wield the Darksaber, I think the baby is so curious about what this is. So you will be enthused and inspired when you see the scene I'm referring to in Season 2, which is to come in October. Keep watching."

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