Star Wars: Potential Mandalorian Spoiler Teases Major Trouble in Season 2

It's hard to find any details about upcoming episodes of Star Wars: The Mandalorian, so we have to cling tightly to any morsel of information we can get. With two episodes already behind us this season, there's truly no telling where the show is going next, or characters might cross paths with Mando. The next six episodes are a total mystery. That said, a new "spoiler" has been revealed online, thanks to the Topps Star Wars Card Trader, and it teases some big things on the way for The Mandalorian.

The folks over at Gizmodo first noticed the new Topps card on the app, which is part a set called "The Mandalorian Static Series 2." The card in question is an Arquitens-class ship that resembles an imperial command cruiser, though it's slightly different than the one you're used to seeing from the live-action films. Take a look:

star wars mandalorian cruiser season 2 topps
(Photo: Lucasfilm/Topps)

Yes, this is just a digital Topps card, but it's worth noting that all of these images are official and approved by Lucasfilm, which means that the ship is likely going to be popping up at some point in The Mandalorian this season. The Empire has fallen, but there are remnants of it still in existence all over the galaxy, as we saw with Moff Gideon last season.

When you see this image of the cruiser, it's Gideon you should be worried about. This could mean that he has much more at his disposal than just a TIE Fighter and a few dozen stormtroopers. If this ship is connected to him in any way, it makes Mando's fight a lot more difficult going forward.

This could also tie in to the previous episode of The Mandalorian, in which Din Djarin crossed paths with a couple of X-wing pilots that fly for the New Republic. They don't exactly become allies, but the pilots let Mando off the hook because he delivered criminals to prison and tried to protect a prison guard back in Season 1. If a war breaks out, and Mando is set to go up against a horde of imperials, the New Republic might want to know about it.

Do you think the ship might belong to Moff Gideon? Will there be a galactic battle in Season 2 of The Mandalorian? Let us know in the comments!


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