DC's Stargirl: Hunter Sansone Talks Cameron's Growing Powers, Relationship With Courtney

All of the characters on DC's Stargirl have been through a lot, and the difficult, sometimes traumatic life experiences haven't just been something the young heroes have had to deal with. Their peers have also had challenges, including Cameron Mahkent. Not only did Cameron lose his mother when he was young, but his father Jordan/Icicle (Neil Jackson) was killed at the end of the first season and while Cameron remains in the dark that his father was a villain, the loss has been hard on him — as has the development of his own powers. But there's been one bright spot for Cameron and that's his growing relationship with Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) which has started to truly blossom. Now, ahead of this week's "Frenemies — Chapter Five: The Thief", Hunter Sansone is opening up about Cameron's journey and that growing "Camney" relationship.

"Who he is is definitely being threatened, because his whole identity has been defined by art and that's how he felt closest to his mom, was his ability to paint and create art and so now, these powers are threatening that, which is really, really tough for him," Sansone told ComicBook.com about the difficult position Cameron is in now that his powers have manifested. "And Courtney is kind of that light, for lack of a better term, with making him feel whole again. He's losing one part of himself, which is the art, and gaining another, which is the powers, and Courtney is being a mentor in a sense with helping him navigate that complicated situation."

Courtney being a light for Cameron also extends to their growing relationship. In an exclusive scene for this week's episode, we see the pair share a kiss, something that pays off on the slow burn of their relationship that fans have been watching unfold since the characters met in Season 1. Sansone said that he is a fan of how the relationship has played out and the path the characters have taken to get there.

"It's been quite a ride for Cameron and the fans of the whole 'Camney' thing there. I think it's sweet to see the positive reaction that it's getting. It's definitely been a slow burn. And as I've been saying lately, it really pays off because this is how it is in real life," Sansone said. "You don't meet someone and then two seconds later, you're just hot and heavy and in love. There's some beats and it's not super fast. It's more authentic to real life, this slow burn process of getting to know someone and having some ups and downs and then ultimately having this moment of truth where you get to have a kiss and be sweet and have a nice moment together. I'm a fan of how it played out."

DC's Stargirl airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.