Stephen King Praises Jeremy Renner for Mayor of Kingstown Return After Snowplow Accident

Stephen King calls Jeremy Renner a "badass" for his return to Mayor of Kingstown.

The "King of Horror" Stephen King is heaping praise down on Jeremy Renner for overcoming his snowplow accident and returning to Mayor of Kingstown. The legendary author is known for his horror adaptations Carrie, The Shining, and It spent the Fourth of July holiday taking in some TV, which took him to the Paramount+ streaming service. One of the original series on Paramount+ is Mayor of Kingstown, a crime thriller starring Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner. The third season recently debuted and marks Renner's return to acting following his nearly tragic snowplow accident last year. But Renner is back and on the small screen and captivating audiences once again, including Stephen King.

"I have no f***ing clue what's going on in THE MAYOR OF KINGSTOWN, but I love this show," Stephen King said on X (formerly Twitter). "It reminds me of THE SHIELD and SONS OF ANARCHY. I had no fucking idea what was going on in those, either."

He then praised Jeremy Renner's character, Mike McLusky, who is the de facto "mayor" of the Michigan town where the McLusky family helps to mediate disputes between the police, gangs, and prisoners.

"What I know is Mike McLusky drives around in a badass Lincoln Connie. That's all I need to know," King added. "Also, that guy Bunny [Tobi Bamtefa] is a badass." He concluded with, "Also, Jeremy Renner is a badass who got run over by a snowplow and came back for Season F*cking Three!"

Jeremy Renner talks Mayor of Kingstown Season 4

Jeremy Renner has given an update on the chances of a fourth season of Mayor of Kingstown. "I have to make it through Season 3 first," Renner recently explained to Collider. "We'll see if I do. I've enjoyed being with this character and exploring, and I always think there's more to explore. When the world is set up so beautifully, like it is in Mayor of Kingstown, and all the chess pieces are there, every time you play chess, it's a new game. It's like that with this [show]. For the audience, they just get more involved and invested in the characters, just as I do. I've only seen the first episode, so I'm excited to see the rest of the season. I don't know half the things. I only focused on my part."

What is Jeremy Renner's Mayor of Kingstown about?

Jeremy Renner's Mike McLusky and his Michigan prison town world are teetering on the brink of becoming an all-out warzone when some powerful new players start showing up on his shores. Mike and his loose coalition of allies (no both sides of the law) are going to have to stand on business to prove that Kingstown is still their jungle to rule. 

A series of explosions rock Kingstown and its citizens, as a new face of the Russian mob sets up shop in the city, and a drug war rages inside and outside prison walls. The pressure is on Mike McLusky (Jeremy Renner) to end the war but things get complicated when a familiar face from his incarcerated past threatens to undermine the Mayor's attempts to keep the peace among all factions.